205 This Or That Questions That’ll Really Help You Get To Know Someone

These are very effective conversation starters, so, if you're ever at a loss for words...

1.Fruits or vegetables?

2.Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

3.Apple or Microsoft?

4.Los Angeles Lakers or Boston Celtics?

5.Marvel or DC?

6.McDonald's or Burger King?

7.Captain America or Iron Man?

8.Instagram or TikTok?

9.Cake or cashews?

10.Netflix or Hulu?

11.Cookies or carrots?

12.Fall or spring?

a person walking in a forest during autumn
Redtea / Getty Images

13.Burger or beetroot?

14.Dogs or cats?

15.Netflix or YouTube?

16.Music or podcasts?

17.Hamburger or hot dog?

18.Pens or pencils?

19.Pancakes or waffles?

20.Apples or apple pie?

21.Snow or rain?

22.City or countryside?

23.Butterbeer or Pumpkin Juice?

24.Kangaroo or koala?

25.Pizza or peanuts?

a pizza
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26.Diet Coke or dates?

27.Bacon or bananas?

28.Boba tea or black tea?

29.Tiramisu or tomato?

30.Tacos or toast?

a spread of tacos
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31.Watermelon or waffles?

32.Vampires or werewolves?

33.Blonde or brunette?

34.Coffee or tea?

35.Books or movies?

36.Ketchup or mustard?

37.Cake or pie?

38.Winter or summer?

39.Chess or checkers?

40.Silver or gold?

41.Wine or beer?

42.Baseball or basketball?

43.Apples or oranges?

44.Superman or Batman?

45.Salami or strawberry?

46.Christmas movies or Christmas books?

47.The Voice or American Idol?

48.Truth or dare?

49.Morning shower or evening shower?

50.M&M's or Skittles?

51.French fries or figs?

52.The smell of peppermint or cinnamon?

53.California or New York?

54.Chocolate or vanilla?

55.PlayStation or Xbox?

56.Star Wars or Star Trek?

57.Sweet or salty?

58.Hot or cold?

59.Hardcover or paperback?

stacks of hardcover books
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60.Dog-ear or bookmark?

61.Love Is Blind or The Ultimatum?

62.Reading at home or reading in a cafe?

63.Warm pajamas or fuzzy socks?

64.Night reader or daytime reader?

65.Audiobooks or e-books?

66.Movie adaptation or TV adaptation?

67.Fiction or nonfiction?

68.Stand-alone or series?

69.Bookstore or library?

70.Golden retriever or lab?

71.Finishing a book in one sitting or taking your time?

72.Reading with music in the background or no music?

73.Day or night?

74.Blue or green?

75.Sweet or spicy?

76.Cheese or candy?

77.Hot or humid?

78.Grey's Anatomy or Station 19?

79.Putting lights up or putting the tree up?

80.Pancakes or crepes?

81.Novels or short stories?

82.Texting or calling?

83.Instagram or Twitter?

84.Winter or fall?

85.Hot chocolate or apple cider?

86.New Girl or Friends?

87.Unlimited money or unlimited food?

a big pile of cash
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88.Hot chocolate or eggnog?

89.Night or afternoon?

90.Nuggets or burger?

91.Smoothie or milkshake?

92.Tacos or nachos?

93.Cake or cupcakes?

94.Yellow or blue?

95.Bridgerton or The Crown?

96.Ice cream cone or ice cream sandwich?

97.Sneakers or heels?

98.London or Paris?

99.Vacation to Disney World or winning an endless supply of ice cream?

100.Christmas or Thanksgiving?

101.Vegemite or Tim Tam?

102.Success or happiness?

103.Invisibility or super strength?

104.You or Dead to Me?

105.Tabby or Siamese cat?

Siamese kitten
Esin Deniz / Getty Images/iStockphoto

106.Shih tzus or mini poodles?

107.Fish or birds?

108.Hamster or guinea pig?

109.Anne Hathaway or Emma Stone?

110.Snowball fights or snow angels?

111.Mariah Carey or Michael Bublé?

a person sitting on a bed in their pajamas
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112.Skiing or sledding?

113.Love Island or Too Hot to Handle?

114.Drive around and look at lights or ice skate?

115.Build a snowman or a gingerbread house?

116.Shopping for gifts or decorations?

117.Ugly sweaters or Advent calendars?

118.Grace and Frankie or Schitt's Creek?

119.Garland or tinsel?

120.Morning frost or winter sunsets?

121.Wrapping presents or hanging stockings?

122.Criminal Minds or Law and Order: SVU?

123.Chicken or fish?

124.Juice or water?

125.Cake or donuts?

a variety of donuts
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126.Bacon or sausage?

127.Apples or bananas?

128.Hash browns or french fries?

129.Sugar cookie or chocolate chip cookie?

130.Hot tea or iced tea?

131.Pool or beach?

132.Fireworks or sparklers?

133.Bike ride or beach walk?

134.Water or Gatorade?

135.Sleep in or wake up early and work out?

136.Sandals or flip-flops?

137.International or domestic travel?

a plane in the sky
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138.Dress up or stay casual?

139.Water balloons or water guns?

140.Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts?

141.Reese's or Hershey's?

142.Cookies or brownies?

143.Cheetos or Doritos?

144.Shrek or Donkey?

145.Outside or inside?

146.Chocolate or candy?

147.Candy corn or Smarties?

a bowl of candy corn
Roberta Lazar / Getty Images/500px

148.Warm pillow or cold pillow?

149.Red or white wine?

150.East Coast or West Coast?

151.Peanut butter or jelly?

152.Bath or shower?

153.Sunny or overcast?

154.Tattoos or piercings?

155.Breakfast or dinner?

156.Night out or night in?

157.Pizza or pasta?

158.Ocean or pool?

159.Stargaze or hike?

a misty forest
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160.Dessert or appetizer?

161.Social butterfly or a few friends?

162.Relax or explore?

163.TV shows or movies?

164.Eat out or order in?

165.Audiobooks or podcasts?

166.Red or green?

167.Making a snowman or making a snow angel?

168.Hats or scarves?

169."Jingle Bells" or "Jingle Bell Rock"?

170.Snowflakes or icicles?

171.Cold weather or hot weather?

172.Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

173.Gingerbread or sugar cookie?

gingerbread cookies
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174.Christmas music or Christmas movies?

175.Giving or receiving gifts?

176.Disneyland in California or Disney World in Florida?

177.Ride the Teacups 10 times in a row or listen to the "It's a Small World" song all day?

178.Pumpkin muffins or pumpkin scones?

179.Pumpkin spice latte or apple cider?

180.Corn or butternut squash?

181.Candy corn or popcorn?

182.Hot chocolate or coffee?

183.Morning or evening?

184.Holiday presents or cards?

185.Love or money?

186.Comedy or horror?

187.Driver or passenger?

188.Instagram or Snapchat?

189.Paper or plastic?

190.Painting or drawing?

a man painting
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191.Flora or fauna?

192.Singing or dancing?

193.Reading or writing?

194.Hoodie or jacket?

195.Phone or laptop?

196.English or math?

197.History or science?

198.Iron Man or Superman?

199.Black Friday shopping or sleeping in after Thanksgiving dinner?

200.Bonfire or movie night?

201.Pumpkin patch or apple orchard?

202.Sweaters or flannels?

203.Five Guys or Hardee's?

204.White Christmas or tropical Christmas?

205.Taco Bell or Chipotle?

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