We Shared The Food Items Non-Foodies Are Snobs About, And You All Had A Bunch To Add

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I made a post about food opinions that non-foodie people aren't ashamed to be snobs about, and it unleashed a whole slew of views from y'all in the comments!

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Whether going fancy or rustling something up for yourself, here are some delicious items you shared that you just can't cut corners on. *Drumroll, please*...


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"I don't want a monster burger, but I definitely will not eat a fast-food burger. I want good-quality meat, good cheese, good bun, washed down with a good red wine."



Close-up of a chocolate brownie stack on a plate

"I was gonna say, 'I'm not a snob about any foods,' but then I realized, yes I am — brownies. Do not buy from chain supermarkets; they're always too cakey when fudge-y brownies are where it's at. Harps is the best chain-store brownie, but it's still far better to get one from a bakery or learn how to make them at home. One of the easiest bakes by far, and you can load it up with whatever extras you want like peanut butter or marshmallows or chocolate chips or adjust the chocolate level so it's like a lighter milk chocolate or a really deep dark chocolate based on your preferences. So fucking good!"


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3.Green beans

A wide basket filled with fresh green beans

"My parents always gave me canned green beans when I was growing up. To be fair to them, they were both working and didn't have a lot of spare time and energy, BUT NEVER AGAIN will I eat canned green beans. I didn't even know green beans could taste good until I had them roasted with lemon pepper."


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"Mayonnaise has to be Best Foods or Hellmann's."



Water being poured into a glass from above

"OK, for me it’s water. I mean of course I’ll drink any water 'cause it’s needed to survive, but I grew up in Northern California and recently moved to Arizona. The water low-key tastes like milk. I just have a hard time drinking that. Also, for the people who can’t taste the difference between tap, filtered, and fridge water, I will never understand. 😭"


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"I used to defend American tea by saying that bad tea is the Lipton shit. Then I visited the UK in 2018. I may special order my tea now..."



A slice of cheesecake on a plate topped with sliced strawberries and a sprig of mint, two strawberries and mint leaves on the side, all on a wooden plant with mint and a cloth napkin in the background

"Mine is cheesecake. If you didn’t bake it in an oven, it isn’t cheesecake."


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"I grew up in NJ and worked in NYC, and pizza from that area is the best. I live in California now, and I just can't eat the pizza here, let alone ever eat pizza from Domino's or other pizza chains."



A steak sliced on a plate with roasted tomatoes, half a roasted garlic clove, and a sprig of rosemary garnish

"I am a SUPER snob about steak!

Anything other than coarse sea salt just destroys a steak. No rubs, no marinades, just salt, please! Steak sauce would be a felony in my world; that stuff tastes horrible! And any steak well done, just NO."


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10.Ice cream

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"I cannot eat the whatever store crap ones. I will dig deep for the small batch, local, all natural ingredients and always stupidly expensive ice cream, but it's totally worth it! I can never go back to cheap ice cream ever."



<div><p>"Grate nutmeg. Easy to do and life changing."</p><p>—<a href="https://www.buzzfeed.com/sistersisterssister" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:sistersisterssister" class="link rapid-noclick-resp">sistersisterssister</a></p></div><span> Fcafotodigital / Getty Images</span>

"Grate nutmeg. Easy to do and life changing."


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"I’m Asian, so I eat rice every day. I never had minute rice until my white BF’s mum made me some. Her cooking isn’t bad, but I can safely say that minute rice tastes like cardboard. Do yourself a favor and skip it – head to the Asian market and get yourself some proper jasmine rice."


13.Parmesan cheese

Three chunks of Parmesan in a stack with basil, pine nuts, garlic, coarse salt, and a small bottle of oil in the background

"It's gotta be real Parmesan cheese. Not the green shaker, not the pre-grated or shredded tubs in the semi-nice cheese section of the deli, but a real wedge of Parm taken straight from a wheel. The stuff in the can shouldn't even be allowed to call itself Parmesan; it's so different. Don't get me wrong — I love it on crappy noodles when I'm having a bad day, but for real pasta dishes, for soups and salads and nearly anything worth following a recipe for, real Parm is legit. I throw the rinds into stock or soups, and it's just *chef's kiss*"


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14.Corn on the cob

Three fresh ears of corn in a stack, half shucked

"Corn on the cob. I grew up eating sweet corn straight from the stalk (my papaw had a marvelous garden), and I've never been able to enjoy corn on the cob since he passed away. The shit in the store and restaurants is just that...shit."


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15.Spices (and vanilla extract)

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"Spices and vanilla extract. If you’re not buying it from a premium buyer, you might as well buy sawdust to sprinkle your food with. McCormick can suck it."



A cast iron skillet filled with grits topped with shrimp, bacon pieces, and green garnish, on a folded gingham-style cloth napkin on a wooden table

"As a Southerner, if you bring shitty Cracker Barrel grits into my home, you will not be invited back."


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"I’m not eating some instant noodles packet that is salty and unflavored at the same time. I better have the fresh noodles, either egg or rice, that I boil myself and have to make my own broth and garnishes on the side."



Side view of a bottle pouring out ketchup

"If it's not Heinz ketchup, then I don't want it. Maybe it's just because I'm from Pittsburgh and have some bias, but other ketchup is nasty. I was so mad when McDonald's stopped using Heinz and switched to 'fancy ketchup.' Like, you just ruined a good thing."


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Top view of Oreo cookies in three horizontal stacks arranged around a glass of milk

"I had my first Oreo when I was 18. We didn't have a lot of money growing up, so Mom bought the no-name cookies with nasty white stuff for our lunches and told us it was just like an Oreo.

If it ain't an Oreo, I ain't eating it."


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20.Processed cheese

A stack of wrapped processed cheese slices

"American processed cheese product should be illegal, and if you willingly consume it when you can buy actual cheese, then you don't deserve nice things. On a similar note, grilled cheeses should be made with real cheese (provolone is a special favorite) that is shredded from a truckle and seasoned with spices and herbs."


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21.American cheese

A matchbox car covered in a thick, melty layer of American cheese

"American cheese doesn't have to be a 'cheese product.' American cheese is just cheddar with emulsifying salt added to give it the texture it is known for (a process invented by the Swiss, BTW). You can buy organic American cheese if you want. American 'cheese products' like Kraft brand cheese contain less than 51% cheese, so they cannot legally label it cheese. Real American cheese doesn't have a strong flavor, but the meltiness makes it the preferred cheese for burger topping and grilled cheese sandwiches."


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And there you have it! If there are some glaring items that you can't believe missed this list, let us know in the comments!

Note: Some answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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