21-Month-Old Boy Still In Critical Condition, But Has Made 'Some Recovery,' After Shooting On Lake Shore Drive

On Thursday morning, Lurie Children's Hospital said the boy, identified as Kayden Swann, "is demonstrating some return in brain activity" while getting critical care treatment in the hospital's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Video Transcript

- Now in the Lakeshore Drive shooting that left a toddler in grave condition. A man has now been charged in the case and is due in bond court later this morning. But we want to be clear here. Police still don't know who actually shot the little boy in the head.

So we want to show you the man officers arrested. Here he is. This is 43-year-old Jushawn Brown. Police say he was in the car with the 21-month-old during what turned into a road rage shooting. They say that Brown shot at another car. But overnight, we also learned the bullet that hit the toddler was fired from another car. So Brown has only been charged with unlawful use of a weapon.

We also just got an update on that little boy. Doctors say that Kayden Swann is showing signs of recovery this morning. And he's also showing some signs of brain activity. Now, he is still in critical condition, and there's still a long road ahead. But doctors say they're optimistic about the signs they're seeing.