22 Best Velvet Holiday Dresses 2019

Bianca Nieves

Did you really celebrate the holidays if you didn’t wear something velvet? No, this isn’t a trick question. Just like wearing plaid, sequins, and bedazzled jewelry, wearing a velvet garment is a must every holiday season. Sorry, we don’t make the rules. That’s just how it is.

However, finding the right velvet piece can be tricky especially since you only typically wear them once a year. That’s why we highly recommend velvet holiday dresses. Not only they’re an all-in-one outfit but come next year you can easily be an outfit repeater a la Lizzie McGuire. Don’t worry, though. The best thing about velvet dresses is that they look completely different with each accessory you choose to style them with. Use that as fuel to get creative with your holiday looks.

From pairing them with knee-high boots and pearl jewelry to styling them over some printed leggings, heels, and under a blazer. They’re countless ways to style them and countless velvet dresses in the market so we’ve rounded up the 22 best velvet holiday dresses out there so you’re one step closer to your perfect holiday fit.

Velvet Knot Dress

$80.00, Mango


UO Genova Velvet Tie-Back Mini Dress

$59.00, Urban Outfitters


ROTATE Ruched Velvet Mini Dress

$485.00, Farfetch