Here Are 22 Of The Funniest Parents On Social Media

·4 min read

Is it time to go back to school yet? Asking for a friend.

In the meantime, grab an icy cold beverage and a snack and put your feet up. It is time to laugh along with your fellow summer parent warriors!

Just wait...

It's called "natural consequences"!

It's not faaaaaaair.

I'm in!

We don't talk about frozen pie.

Just fantastic.

Peaked early.

But seriously, where is it?

File under: Special skills.

Good plan.

Mic drop!

This is their villain origin story.

Sorry, ficus.

Come baaaack!

Wash, rinse, repeat.


Try again, Mom.

All the ibuprofen!

This should go well.

Tactical error.

So rewarding!


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