22 Hilarious Tweets That Got Me Through This Week – And Also Made A Good Point About Society™

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As the great 20th-century philosopher once observed, "We are living in a society."

george in the scene from Seinfeld

It's time we honor George Costanza's rhetorical tradition of screaming profound societal observations into the uncaring void.

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In that vein, here are 22 hilarious thoughts from the 21st century's best minds, orating in the Greek agora of our time: Twitter.

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1.Capitalism is slowly killing people (but in, like, a funny way).

2.We don't even earn enough money to see a doctor about how it hurts to work.

3.Even plants are dying at the hands of capitalism.

4.The gig economy is a SCAM sold to us by Big Delivery.

5.Also a scam? Standardized testing, which doesn't prepare us for the real world.

6.With a pandemic still raging, the government wants to return to "normal" — whatever that is.

7.Home is where the WiFi is.

8.Women work so hard for equal pay, and all along the answer was 3-in-1 shampoo + conditioner + body wash.

9.Mr. Bean has once again been silenced.

10.We're not even safe in the privacy of our own homes.

11.Siri strikes again!

12.It's unclear if we should blame Siri or Steve Jobs, but they both deserve our ire.

13.There's nothing worse than when the shows we use to escape reality remind us of how bad things really are!

14.Back in reality, literally everything about our healthcare system is subpar.

15.It's definitely a problem that bartenders are more helpful than doctors.

16.When will doctors study the anxious-journaling-kids to anxious-doomscrolling-adults pipeline?

17.Far be it from me to accuse the government of not caring about our health and safety...

18.Society has regressed to hunter-gatherer status, now with a little trauma to spice things up.

19.Frankly, society would be safer if the five stoners at your local Taco Bell were on the Supreme Court.

20.And on top of everything else, it's just too darn hot!!!!!!

21.What else is there to do but sigh heavily?

22.But at least we as a Society™️ moved past our obsession with picking everything apart just to feel something.

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