22 people displaced after massive NJ apartment fire

A massive four-alarm fire has destroyed an apartment complex in West Windsor Township, New Jersey on Wednesday afternoon.

Video Transcript

- Families in Mercer County lost everything in a massive apartment fire there. The Red Cross in New Jersey is now helping nearly two dozen people who were forced from their homes. Action New reporter Corey Davis is live at the Avalon Princeton apartments in West Windsor with an update this morning. Hi, Corey.

COREY DAVIS: Hey, Matt. So we know that 22 people from seven families are now displaced. I want to give you a look. Now that we're getting some daylight here, you can see the damage a whole lot better. The roof is gone from this building here, building 8. The siding is totally melted away. Thankfully, we're told everyone managed to escape.

This is in the Princeton Junction Apartments off of Taylor Court here near Clarksville Road. We're close to Princeton here in West Windsor Township. Want to give you a look there at some video from chopper 6 above the complex around 3:30 yesterday afternoon.

Witnesses tell us that flames were intense and fast moving. It took roughly 200 firefighters nearly three hours to contain this four-alarm fire. Fire officials say there were firewalls in place that at least slowed down the spread of the fire to allow people time to escape, likely saving lives. With so many people working from home these days during the pandemic, safety was, of course, a huge concern. And we're being told 24 apartments were damaged, but no one living here was injured.

CHRISTINA WILSON: The flames were coming out of the right side of the building. In about 10, 15 minutes, they spread across the roof. It was so fast. It was so scary. And I started crying, because I felt for all the people.

SUSAN BAKER: For me, I was coming down the road, and I saw this black smoke. I'm like, oh gosh, I hope it's not by me, only to find out it is.

STANFORD KNOX: I called every single person I knew that lived here like, are you OK? Did you know there was a fire here?

COREY DAVIS: And fire officials tell us that four firefighters suffered minor injuries. So of the 22 people who now don't have a place to call home, they did escape with their lives. But there's a whole lot to pick up the pieces with here, especially starting over. So the Red Cross, we're told, is helping them with a temporary place to stay as well as food and clothing. For now, reporting live here in West Windsor Township, Corey Davis, Channel 6 Action News.

- Happy they got out safely. Thank you, Corey.