23-year-old dead, baby injured in Johnston County crash

North Carolina State Highway Patrol said a Friday afternoon crash involving a dump truck in Johnston County left a 23-year-old driver dead and sent a baby to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Video Transcript


STEVE DANIELS: We are tracking breaking news unfolding in Johnston County, where there has been a deadly crash. I want to show you the pictures from our breaking news crew on the scene. This is east of Clayton along NC 42 and Thanksgiving Fire Road.

That dump truck you see right there hit the side of a Toyota Camry, killing the 23-year-old driver of the Camry. And a baby-- an infant-- inside that car has life-threatening injuries and is at the hospital right now. That's the ambulance that transported the people to the hospital. The driver of the truck has non-life-threatening injuries, but needed to be treated as well.

According to the highway patrol, the-- the Camry was headed northbound on Thanksgiving Fire Road. And the dump truck was heading eastbound on Highway 42. And that's where they collided there at the intersection. The highway patrol continues its investigation, trying to learn more.

But again, the breaking news from Johnston County-- a 23-year-old driver has been killed and a baby is in the hospital after a collision at NC 42 and Thanksgiving Fire Road. We have more on our website right now, ABC11.com.