23-year-old man dies after drowning in a Kentucky lake, rescue team says

A man drowned in Wolfe Lake Thursday while attempting to swim across the body of water, according to the Wolfe County Search & Rescue Team.

The drowning was reported at 5 p.m. when a bystander saw a 23-year-old man attempt to swim across the lake, which is near downtown Campton. The search and rescue team said he made it about halfway across before going under the water’s surface.

A friend who was with the victim attempted to rescue him, but was unsuccessful, according to the search and rescue team. Rescuers found the man’s body after roughly 30 minutes of searching, using GPS tracks and conducting a “drag operation.”

“After well over an hour submersion (in approximately 40 feet of water), he was rushed to the shore line and attached to monitors,” the rescue team said in a Facebook post. “But, unfortunately, the patient succumbed to the elements and was pronounced deceased by local EMS and the coroner.”

The search & rescue team said swimming across any large body of water without a proper flotation device “is never a good idea.”

“Add cold water temperatures and exhaustion into the mix and it makes a deadly combination,” the team said in a Facebook post.