23-year-old stirs debate after locking elderly housemate out of their room

A 23-year-old is causing a massive online debate after sharing the steps they took to stop their elderly roommate’s “invasive” intrusions. The person shared their dilemma on Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum, where it quickly went viral. Writing under the username roommatetrouble1991, the user explained why they were forced to put additional locks on their bedroom and bathroom doors. The Redditor goes on to explain that they moved to the woman’s house, who he described as a woman in her 60s. The older woman immediately started entering their bedroom and bathroom without his permission. “She was going into my bathroom, cleaning it and leaving me a passive-aggressive note saying, ‘cleaned your bathroom! here’s some cleaning supplies to do it yourself!' ". “I came home after a weekend away and noticed that the AC vent in my room was shut". "When I asked her about it she said 'oh yeah, I go in there sometimes when you’re out and close the vent so more AC comes into the living room' ”. “Living with her is a nightmare, and I pay good money for my privacy. Will be moving out as soon as possible too”