Bartenders Are Sharing The Things They Absolutely Hate That Customers Do And I'm Taking Notes

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1.Bartenders hate when you barge in and yell your order:

2.Bartenders hate when you think less ice equals more booze:

3.Bartenders hate when you open and close a tab a million times:


4. Bartenders hate when you think you'll get a drink special:

5.Bartenders hate when you come in once and think you're a regular:

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6. Bartenders hate when you wait 'til the last minute to order a bunch more drinks:

7. Bartenders hate when you interrupt them during a super busy shift to take a picture:

8.Bartenders hate when you order a complicated drink in a dive bar:


9.Bartenders hate when you try to clean up like this:

10. Bartenders hate when you tip like this:

11. Bartenders hate when you think they can tell the difference between all your cards:

12.Bartenders hate when you think they have some sort of superpowers:

Twitter: @shxnnice

13. Bartenders hate when you are creepy to the staff:

14. Bartenders hate when you block their way:

15. Bartenders hate when you keep going and going and going:

16. Bartenders hate when you make modifications that make literally no sense at all:

17. Bartenders hate when you let them list off 27 beers and just choose something else:

18.Bartenders hate when you walk in right at close:

  Jeff J Mitchell / Staff
Jeff J Mitchell / Staff

19.Bartenders hate when you think saying "make it strong" will get you a strong drink:

20. Bartenders hate when you refuse to take no for an answer:

21. Bartenders hate when you ask questions when the answer is right in front of you:

22. Bartenders hate when you make jokes like this:

23.And bartenders hate when you order this exact drink, apparently:

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24. Bartenders love when you show a little monetary love:

25. Bartenders love when you acknowledge how stressful the job can be:

26. And, finally, bartenders love when you show a little gratitude:

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