230,000 certificates requested in Russia for families of fallen veterans

Russia’s Ministry of Labour has requested 230,000 certificates for family members of deceased combat veterans and over 750,000 certificates for combat veterans, which is several times more than before (such documents are to certify that a person took part in combat – ed.).

Source: Russian media outlet Vyorstka

Details: Journalists who examined documents on the state procurement portal discovered that Russia’s Labour Ministry has ordered 230,000 certificates for "family members of deceased war veterans, participants in the Great Patriotic War and combat veterans", as well as 757,305 combat veteran certificates, worth over RUB 79 million (US$817,411 – ed.) in total.

The procurement tender foresees that 200,000 certificates for family members of deceased soldiers will be distributed to Russia’s Defence Ministry and 30,000 to the Ministry of Social Protection. Moreover, the Defence Ministry plans to distribute 600,000 printed combatant certificates: 86,805 to the Ministry of Social Protection, 60,000 to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 10,000 to the National Guard, and 500,000 to the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities.

Quote from Vyorstka: "This is several times more than before. In May, the Labour Ministry ordered almost 100,000 certificates for combat veterans to be printed, and over 23,000 certificates for family members of the deceased.

Last summer, the Labour Ministry signed a contract for the printing of over 82,000 blank combat veteran certificates and nearly 6,000 certificates for family members of deceased soldiers."

More details: Vyorstka says that in total, since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Labour has ordered 936,052 certificates for combat veterans. Since June 2023, certificates for family members of deceased soldiers have been issued to volunteers’ families as well as to the families of regular army soldiers.

Background: Information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 18 September confirms that nearly 272,940 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine.

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