"237 projectiles in 40 minutes": Ukraine's Defence Intelligence intercepts conversation about Ukrainian counteroffensive in the south


Ukrainian intelligence has posted an intercepted phone call in which a Russian occupier is telling his brother in Russia about the Ukrainian counteroffensive in Kherson Oblast. The conversation was about the village of Davydiv Brid, which is now under Ukrainian control.

Source: press service of Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

Details: Defence Intelligence says that the person speaking in the intercepted call is Ruslan Akhmetovich Kasumov, a serviceman of the Russian Armed Forces. The phone call was recorded around noon on 14 September.

"Yesterday 237 projectiles were fired in 40 minutes, from all sorts of weapons."

"How many?"

"237 in 40 minutes, ranging from tanks to HIMARS."

"At you?"

"At Davydiv Brid, for f**k’s sake. They’re trying to surround us."

"Get the f**k out of there."

"Well, our village is on the f**king outskirts [unintelligible], they’re f**king pounding there."

Ten minutes later the occupier remarked that the Russians could still retreat through the city of Nova Kakhovka.

"You going to get out of there or will you stay put?"

"We’re f**king staying. How would we get out? The road to Kakhovka isn’t cut off yet. There are f**king s**tloads of our men there. Those f**kers attacked us twice again yesterday. We all came through. I tell ya, we hid in this basement quiet as mice."

Reminder: A number of videos from newly liberated settlements in Kherson Oblast were posted on social media on 4 October. Ukrainian troops reported that Davydiv Brid, Starosillia, Arkhanhelske and Velyka Oleksandrivka were liberated.

Operational Command Pivden (South) confirmed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated another eight settlements from Russian occupiers, including Davydiv Brid in Kherson Oblast.

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