24 Killed In Elevated Train Collapse In Mexico City

The death toll from an elevated train collapse in Mexico City has risen to 24 with at least 77 more people injured; Adrienne Bard reports for CBS2.

Video Transcript

- The death toll from an elevated train collapse in Mexico City has now risen to 24, with at least 77 more people injured. The overpass came crashing down onto a highway last night.

- Crews have been working all day to separate subway cars from the heavy concrete and steel debris. CBS 2's [INAUDIBLE] reports from Mexico City.

- A crane removed one of the trains that had been dangling for hours off an overpass following a late night train track collapse in Mexico City. Security cameras captured the exact moment the track plummeted onto a busy road below. Many were killed, and dozens of others were taken to local hospitals where relatives gather to locate their loved ones.


- Christian Seguro Osorio came to find his sister. He held up a photo of her on his cell phone showing the uniform she was wearing at the time of the accident.


- The mayor of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum says children are among the dead. The accident happened on one of the city's newest train lines which runs partially above ground, but has had some structural issues, including needing repairs just a couple of months after its construction. Mexico's prosecutor's office says it will investigate the cause of the railway collapse. Adrian [INAUDIBLE], CBS News, Mexico City.

- This is the latest serious accident for the Mexico City metro, which is one of the busiest in the world. In March of last year, two trains collided, killing one person. And then back in 2015, another collision between trains injured 12 people.