It Turns Out Some Tattoos Are MAJOR Red Flags To Have — Here Are 24 Of The Worst

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What tattoos people like comes down to a personal preference, but people still have a lot of very strong opinions about bad tattoos. So, when Reddit user u/MR_COOL_ICE_ asked, "What sort of tattoo on someone is a major red flag for you?"...people did not hold back.


Here are 24 tattoos — besides the obvious, like tattoos of hate symbols — that people think are major red flags for someone's personality.

1."Anything tribal on a neon white man."


2."Something in a language they don't speak."


"What you think it means: 'Wisdom and Courage.' What it actually means: 'Fried pork with mushrooms.'"


Lucas showing Keith his chinese character tattoo on One Tree Hill
The WB

3."A huge American flag. I'm sorry."


4."Anything political or weed-related. It tells me that has become their identity, basically."


Miley Cyrus' ankle weed lead tatooo
Miley Cyrus / Instagram

5."The old feather and infinity symbol is mostly a giveaway for being a bit uninspired."


6."An inspirational quote tatted on someone screams they're trying desperately to prove something to themselves."


tattoo that says "just believe"
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7."Nightmare before Christmas tattoo, because you know they're going to be very annoying."


8."My ex is 17 so he doesn’t actually have this tattoo, but he genuinely wants to get a Harry Potter death eater tattoo. ... To clarify, it’s not HP that makes me cringe; it’s the death eater specifically."


Warner Bros.

9."Any kind of emo/goth cartoon character. Like Spongebob or Patrick."


10."Childhood characters doing something unsavory. Like Winnie the Pooh in a dominatrix outfit. Decapitated Pikachu. Something like that."


11."It's rather inexplicable, but Tweety Bird tats attract the worst."


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12.“'Loyalty.' The people I see with this tattoo...they usually don’t appear to be the loyal type."


13."Carpe diem." (Editor's Note: I'm just gonna include #YOLO, no regrets, etc. to this one.)


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14."Stupid baseless words like 'Pay2play' or 'Boss movezzzz.'”


15."'Only God can judge me.'"


SME; Forward Music Publishing Co.

16."I used to work at an all purpose gas station in Pittsburgh, and was constantly told about a customer who had our store logo tattooed on his arm. Didn't make me proud; made me feel like I was joining a very corporate cult."


17."I knew a girl whose initials were VW and she had a Volkswagen logo tattoo. She was obsessed with their cars too; she didn't just get the tat because of her initials."


guy with Honda tattoo on his hand
Ian Livesey / Flickr / Via Flickr: ianlivesey

18."Clock tattoos. Especially if it comes paired with roses or a lion. It a very specific tattoo, but the people who get them are always so rude."


19."Comedy and tragedy masks. First three people I hooked up with had them in places you couldn’t see with clothes on. Apparently, I have a type. If I unwrap another human and find one, I may faint."


person with wolverine and comedy/tragedy mask tattoos
Dustin Murrell Broadcast Journalist / Flickr / Via Flickr: otheaudacity

20."I swear guys with roses on their hands are generally assholes."


21."'Live, Laugh, Love.'"


22."I think this might just be an Australian thing, but having the southern cross tattoo anywhere is a red flag. Don't know why it's specifically the southern cross, but holy shit, every person I've ever met with that specific tattoo has been a walking red flag."


23."Sort: Ex's names. Placement: Face."



24.And finally..."Anything that’s trending. Trends DIE. It tells me that the person isn’t willing to put anything unique on their body and they just want to follow with what’s cool right now. For example, people who get clocks, eyes, lions, etc., are probably the same ones who would’ve gotten tribal tattoos back in the '90s-'00s just because it was cool at the moment. ... To me, that’s a red flag to permanently put something on yourself just because it's trending at the moment."


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