25-50-100 Years Ago -- Oct. 1

Oct. 1—100 Years Ago

Oct. 1, 1923

Walter Brady, about 15 years old, of Bayonne, New Jersey, and Thomas Lewis, 16, of Philadelphia, students at Mt. St. Mary's College, near Emmitsburg, took French leave from the institution Saturday evening and were picked up along the road, near Plane No. 4, about 2 o'clock Sunday morning. When corralled by motorcycle officer Peppersack, of near Plane No. 4, they told him that they were not impressed with college life, and were on their way home. They were taken back to the college and turned over to Father Sheridan.

Three were injured when a Hood College truck plunged over a stone wall near the Braddock Heights auditorium Saturday afternoon. The truck was stopped in its downward flight by striking a huge boulder. Among the injured was Joseph H. Apple Jr, young son of Dr. Jospeh H. Apple, president of Hood College. Young Apple and another boy were assisting Mr. Delauter, driver for Hood College, who was removing the piano from the dance pavilion to the auditorium where an outing of Hood students was being held. At the auditorium the brake failed to hold, causing the truck to plunge over the stone wall. The three occupants and piano were thrown out. The machine was badly damaged.

The leaves on the trees in the mountains are turning and in some cases have commenced to fall off. The forests are again gay and beautiful. But there's a grim side to this beauty. It is the forerunner of grim winter.

50 Years Ago

Oct. 1, 1973

Fire companies from Frederick, Carroll and Montgomery counties responded to fight this barn fire Sunday off the Woodville Road near Plane No. 4. The barn was totally gutted and the more than 12,000 bales of alfalfa hay was destroyed. Firemen had to bring water in from the stream along Md. 144.

Leaving things like lawn mowers and minibikes in yards visible to a road or lane makes a thief's work much easier, according to Tfc. John W. Reburn of the Maryland State Police. Commenting on the operation allegedly used by to Union Bridge men who were arrested during a pre-dawn raid Friday at their farm on Houck Road. Tfc. Reburn stated that the thieves "cased out" the houses during the day and returned after dark for the theft. The investigation of the burglary ring, which was broken up by police from Frederick, Carroll and Baltimore counties, showed that the thieves entered houses at night and stole such things as firearms, tools and appliances. During the day, the thieves hit places where there was least likely to be people coming and going, such as churches, sheds, and sportsmen's clubs. Stolen livestock was also recovered Friday during the raid at the farm.

25 Years Ago

Oct. 1, 1998

Area service station owners say Sheetz is forcing them to change the way they do business, and not for the better. Thirty-six Frederick County service stations paid for an ad that said branded gas stations, including Amoco, Citgo, Crown, Exxon, Mobil, Shell, Sunoco and Texaco, were run by independent owners who work and live in Frederick County. It appeared to be aimed at Sheetz, which is headquartered in Altoona, Pa., but has become a growing force in Frederick County in the past few years.

Interviews began Friday to find a suitable person to replace retiring Frederick County Circuit Judge Herbert L. Rollins. Judge Rollins must, under Maryland law, retire by Nov. 15 at age 70. Alluding to Frederick's heavy case load, he said he hopes the selection process moves quickly. Ten lawyers have applied for the $107,775-a-year position.

Along with all the soldiers, all the pomp and circumstance had already left Fort Ritchie well ahead of its official closing at midnight, Sept. 30. The last major tenant at Ritchie, the 1108th Signal Brigade, left in style two weeks ago, running the brigade colors down U.S. 15 to it new home at Fort Detrick. So when Ritchie held its final retreat ceremony at 3 p.m. Wednesday, only a handful of people were there.

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