25 Days Of Holiday Volunteering — Day 25: Finding A Need

Michael Woyton

TARRYTOWN, NY — The season for giving is truly all year round. During the past 10 months, while hundreds of thousands of people lost jobs, lost businesses and even lost their lives, we learned that there are needs in our communities that we never imagined we had.

Hunger, homelessness, domestic violence, senior issues, at-risk youth — the list goes on and on.

Volunteer New York! serves as a way to connect people who want to help with myriad ways to help.

Every day since Dec. 1, in this series, Patch has shown that anyone of any age can help their community.

All you have to do is pick a volunteer opportunity.

On the last day of 25 Days of Holiday Volunteering, we are giving Jeanette Gisbert, Volunteer New York!'s executive director, the final word.

"The world has changed dramatically over the last year. That being said, Volunteer New York!’s mission — to connect volunteers who are eager to help with fellow nonprofits meeting critical needs — has remained steadfast. In fact, we know that our mission will be more important than ever as our communities seek to recover from the devastation of COVID 19," she said.

"Over and over again we have witnessed the impact individuals and groups raising their hands to help their community has had. These individuals helped small business owners secure PPP loans, acted as a lifeline to essential services for the immunocompromised, bridged the education divide as e-tutors and committed to our intergenerational call buddy program to prevent social isolation for seniors," Gisbert said.

"People just like you did all of that. And we know that individuals are poised to do more. A recent survey revealed that a convincing 95 percent of individuals believe they will be at least as involved or do more to support their community once the pandemic passes," she said.

"Volunteer New York! will be here to help them — to help you — discover the joy, experience the personal fulfillment and the impact that comes when you volunteer in your community. We look forward to meeting you," Gisbert said.


This article originally appeared on the Tarrytown-Sleepy Hollow Patch