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47 Fun, Easy Ways to Paint Your Pumpkins This Halloween

Carving pumpkins is tons of fun and a big part of Halloween. But let's get real—not only do you have to clean up sticky pumpkin guts as soon as you’re done carving, you also have to worry about keeping little fingers intact. There is another way to decorate that doesn't involve sharp objects: painted pumpkins.

We've gathered our best pumpkin painting ideas, and they couldn't be cuter. Try a simple design, like writing messages on your pumpkins, or exercise your creativity by embellishing them with jewels and confetti. Decorating your painted pumpkins can even be as easy as printing out scary silhouettes and stamping them on your squash.

Yes, painting your pumpkins can get a bit messy when kids are involved, but you can let them go to town with non-toxic paint if you create a pumpkin painting station in your backyard with newspaper covering the lawn and tables. If you’re ready to have the most unique Halloween decorations on the block this year, scroll through for some cute pumpkin painting ideas.

47 Fun, Easy Ways to Paint Your Pumpkins This Halloween

Put down the knife and start decorating, people.

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