25 Halloween Costumes That Were So Good, They Went Viral Immediately

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1. This absolute goddamn QUËEEEEÉEN giving post–bus accident Regina George:

2.This reimagination of Squidward, featuring some homemade prosthetics:

  TikTok / @curly.zwangsta, tiktok.com

3.This life-sized take on those lil' green soldiers!!!

4.This spot-on re-creation of Viola/"Sebastian" from She's the Man:

  TikTok / @paigepyke1, tiktok.com
TikTok / @paigepyke1, tiktok.com

5.This fully movable DVD screensaver!!!!!!!!!!!

  TikTok / @porganpoody, tiktok.com
TikTok / @porganpoody, tiktok.com

6.This IRL adaptation of the sloth from Zootopia:

7.✨Traffic cones✨:

  TikTok / @hotdoglover25
TikTok / @hotdoglover25

8. This young, starchy legend:

9.Just some brilliantly done Thumb Thumbs from Spy Kids:

  TikTok / @em19984, tiktok.com
TikTok / @em19984, tiktok.com

10.TINA 👏 FREAKIN' 👏 BELCHER, 👏 PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

11.And, of course, Kris Jenner:

  TikTok / @camerondol, tiktok.com
TikTok / @camerondol, tiktok.com

12. This family who put all other families to shame. SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!

13. These people's war on biotics:

14.May I present to you: "The Alien Abduction" performed by ✨Dad✨:

15.Robert Pattinson, obvi:

  TikTok / @laurensulli
TikTok / @laurensulli

16. This lil' transformer...*ELECTRICAL* transformer, that is!!!!!!!!!!

17.This water bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. This creative take on the unspeakable year that was 2020:

19.The Suite Life of Zack and Cody's titular roles, Zack and Cody:

  TikTok /@raegan.kelley
TikTok /@raegan.kelley

20.The Blue Man Group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  TikTok / @wutsguuuud
TikTok / @wutsguuuud

21.This niche but fabulous meme costume:

22.Then, we have Willy Wonka and his trusty Oompa Loompas:

  TikTok / @sophiewagz2
TikTok / @sophiewagz2

23. *THAT* paperclip, but ✨sexy✨:

24.Just.......just this one!!!!!!

25.And lastly, this diabolical arachnid-feline hybrid!!!!!!!!

What was your best Halloween costume ever? Share your pics in the comments below!!!

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