I-25 Reopened After 36+ Hour Closure Near Loveland After Massive Diesel Fuel Spill

A portion of Interstate 25 near Loveland was reopened in both directions more than 36 hours after a semi-truck crashed and spilled 11,500 gallons of diesel.

Video Transcript

- Well, north and southbound lanes of I-25 near Loveland are back open tonight. The roadway was closed for more than 36 hours after a massive diesel fuel spill. The closure lasted longer than originally planned because of the need to repave after some of that fuel seeped through the pavement and affected the subsurface. Our Jacqueline Quynh is live in Larimer County tonight, and Jacqueline, crews managed to finish up ahead of the snow.

JACQUELINE QUYNH: They did, fortunately, and I want to tell you where I am right now. This is Exit 255, and this area actually has construction, so you're going to see a bit of a slowdown here anyways, but that patch that they're working on, actually they had more than one, they were able to complete. They talked about having a drier day yesterday and a pretty good morning today, so that is done, and cars can drive safely over it.

Now, I want to show you the video that we did get after the reopening, and this is what it looked like for the better part of this afternoon. The construction work here is actually to expand this section of the interstate. With that said, it is not believed to be a factor in what caused this crash. The driver was actually cited for careless driving. He was able to leave, and this was a single vehicle crash. And now moving forward, the big concern is how this may affect the soil.

We don't know that yet, and the potential contamination into the Big Thompson River. The EPA was out here today. They were on the scene taking samples, and again, we told you that the crews had to repave, and one good thing of this is that they are working on these new roads here, and the section, once they finish these roads here, the section that was affected will once again be replaced. In Larimer Counter-- County, I'm Jacqueline Quynh, covering Colorado first.