25 Things Non-Americans Absolutely Hate About Americans And 15 Things They Absolutely Love

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Non-Americans hate when Americans...

1.Refer to Europe like it's a small island:

2.Measure time by level of schooling:

3.Call themselves Italian:

4.Don't pronounce that big, fat 'H':

5.Don't use Celsius:

6.Think they're the champions of the world:

7.Name kids after their parents:

8.Call university the wrong thing:

9.Call pasta "noodles":

10.Say "chips":

11.Call themselves a "senior":

12.Celebrate Halloween for like two months before Halloween:

13.Forget about time zones:

14.Call foods the wrong thing:

15.Say "pasta" like this:

16.Name their kids after boring things:

17.Pronounce "caramel" wrong:

18.Call chocolate a type of candy:

19.Fail to properly abbreviate mathematics:

20.Acknowledge the existence of the state of Maryland:

21.Say the entire name of a place:

22.Get way too excited:

23.Call it "soccer":

24.Say they're from a state instead of just saying the USA:

25.Pronounce the letter Z incorrectly:


26.Use incredibly American units of measure:

27.Live the picnic dream:

28.Swear to their heart's content:

29.Create flavors that are incomprehensible:

30.Put chips inside other foods:

31.Talk about the weather:

32.Call it "horseback riding":

33.Pronounce nuts funny:

34.Say "QUESTION!":

35.Completely ignore greetings:

36.Say words funny:

37.Say "Tuesday":

38.Get super specific about airports:

39.Share their hatred of line cutters:

40.And make up little weird sayings:

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