250 migrant children to arrive at Pomona Fairplex on Saturday

Some 250 migrant children who arrived unaccompanied at the U.S.-Mexico border are expected to arrive at a temporary housing facility at the Pomona Fairplex.

Video Transcript

JOSH HASKELL: And Philip, it was striking to hear from people like Judy Chu, Judy Gomez, who just toured this new facility because they've been on congressional tours of CBP facilities. They did not have great things to say. But this facility here in Pomona was described as being much more humane.

Now, 250 unaccompanied children will arrive here tomorrow. And in the next 10 days, this facility will reach its capacity of 2,500 with the goal to move children through here quickly once they're reunited with a family member. 80% of unaccompanied minors who are picked up at the border came to the US to be reunited with a parent who is already here or a family member. Once they arrive, they'll receive a medical assessment within the first 24 hours, take showers, eat, and meet with a caseworker to address any trauma experienced on the trip over.

BONNIE PRESTON: We couldn't be happier to have LA County being our host at this Fairplex. It offers amazing outdoor space for children. These children are facing-- have faced a lot of trauma in their journey to date. And to have fresh air, sunshine, fields is going to be so fantastic for them.

JOSH HASKELL: And the unaccompanied children will travel by bus here tomorrow from CBP facilities in Arizona and San Diego. The children are coming from-- originally coming from the countries of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.