26 Meatless Pasta Dishes That Are So Good You Won't Even Notice The Lack Of Meat

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Whether you're already a full-time vegetarian or just someone who loves meat and is trying to reduce your meat intake, these meatless pasta dishes are the perfect dinners to make.

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1.Ravioli Pomodoro

Ravioli Pomodoro

Even without meat, ravioli will always be amazing!

Recipe: Ravioli Pomodoro

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2.Ratatouille Lasagna

Ratatouille Lasagna

A delicious, healthy, and filling twist on a popular comfort food!

Recipe: Ratatouille Lasagna

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3.Red Wine Spaghetti

red win spaghetti

Absolutely delicious!

Recipe: Red Wine Spaghetti

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4.Pumpkin Sage Pasta

Pumpkin Sage Pasta

This dish just proves you don't need to add meat to everything to make it extremely tasty!

Recipe: Pumpkin Sage Pasta

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5.Sweet Potato Mushroom Penne

sweet potato mushroom penne

This sweet potato mushroom penne is packed with flavor and will surely become your favorite pasta dish.

Recipe: Sweet Potato Mushroom Penne

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6.Spinach Zucchini Lasagna Rolls

spinach zucchini rolls

Enjoy all the flavors of the ultimate comfort dish without the meat!

Recipe: Spinach Zucchini Lasagna Rolls

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7.Garlic Veggie Rotini Pasta

Garlic Veggie Rotini Pasta

Delicious and healthy — what more could you want!

Recipe: Garlic Veggie Rotini Pasta

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8.Angel Hair Pasta with Tomatoes & Basil

cherry tomato basil angel hair pasta

You can't go wrong with a simple but tasty angel hair with tomatoes and basil dish.

Recipe: Angel Hair Pasta with Tomatoes & Basil

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9.Farfalle with Mushrooms, Spinach, and Goat Cheese

farfalle with mushrooms, spinach, and goat cheese

Mushrooms, spinach, and goat cheese never tasted better!

Recipe: Farfalle with Mushrooms, Spinach, and Goat Cheese

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10.One-Pot Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

red pepper pasta

More flavor, less cleanup.

Recipe: One-Pot Red Pepper Pasta

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11.Easy Butternut Squash Ravioli

Easy Butternut Squash Ravioli

These warm and hearty pockets of flavor will leave your family wanting more!

Recipe: Easy Butternut Squash Ravioli

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12.Lentil & Mushroom Ragu

lentil and mushroom ragu

Instead of a beef ragu, try this lentil and mushroom ragu for the same amount of flavor and twice the amount of vegetables.

Recipe: Lentil & Mushroom Ragu


13.One-Pot Vegan Orecchiette

one pot vegan orecchiette

This pasta dish is light but filling and totally vegan. It'll surely become a household favorite!

Recipe: One-Pot Vegan Orecchiette

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14.Zucchini & Lemon Spaghetti

zucchini and lemon spaghetti

Topped with plenty of lemon zest and Parmesan.

Recipe: Zucchini and Lemon Spaghetti


15.Easy Homemade Potato Gnocchi

homemade potato gnocchi

Gnocchi may seem difficult to make, but it's fairly easy. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to prepare several gnocchi dishes that your family will enjoy.

Recipe: Easy Homemade Potato Gnocchi

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16.Whole Wheat Fusilli with Roasted Butternut Squash

whole wheat fusili with roasted butternut squash

Filled to the brim with delicious vegetables, this pasta dish will surely remind you of autumn in a skillet.

Recipe: Whole Wheat Fusilli with Roasted Butternut Squash


17.One Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta

one pot garlic Parmesan pasta

Creamy, cheesy, and delicious — what more could you ask for in a pasta dinner!

Recipe: One-Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta

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18.Whole Wheat Pasta with Tomato, Ricotta, and Spinach

whole wheat pasta with tomatoes, ricotta, and spinach

19.Spinach Stuffed Shells

Baked shells stuffed with spinach and ricotta in tomato sauce.

Perfect for meal preppers, these spinach and cheese-stuffed shells can be made in advance and frozen for up to three months for whenever you need a lazy meal.

Recipe: Spinach Stuffed Shells

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20.Roasted Eggplant Pasta

A large bowl of ribbon pasta in tomato sauce with roasted eggplant.

Roasted eggplant not only adds great texture to pasta but also makes it more filling. If you're looking to save time in the kitchen, just grab your favorite store-bought marinara sauce.

Recipe: Roasted Eggplant Pasta

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21.One-Pot Cheesy Vegetarian Chili Mac

Vegetarian bean chili mac in a Dutch oven topped with herbs and cheese.

There's no meat in this chili mac, but a mixture of canned green chiles, corn, crushed tomatoes, kidney beans, and black beans makes it extra filling and protein packed.

Recipe: One-Pot Cheesy Vegetarian Chili Mac

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22.Easy One-pot Mac ‘n’ Cheese

mac and cheese

You can never go wrong with a warm bowl of mac 'n' cheese to satisfy your tastebuds.

Recipe: Easy One-pot Mac 'n' Cheese

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23.Spinach Artichoke Penne Pasta

spinach artichoke pasta

The creaminess of spinach artichoke dip paired with the heartiness of the pasta makes this the perfect meatless pasta recipe that your entire family is bound to enjoy.

Recipe: Spinach Artichoke Penne Pasta

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24.Mushroom Stroganoff

A big pot of egg noodles with mushroom gravy.

Instead of calling for sliced beef like a traditional stroganoff, this vegetarian-friendly version uses baby bella mushrooms simmered in a umami-packed gravy.

Recipe: Mushroom Stroganoff

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25.Creamed Spinach Mac 'n' Cheese

Pasta, cheese, and spinach in a pot for mac 'n' cheese.

Creamy spinach meets indulgent mac 'n' cheese in this comfort food mash-up that the whole family will devour.

Recipe: Creamed Spinach Mac 'n' Cheese

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26.Low-Carb Zucchini "Ravioli"

zucchini ravioli

It’s the lighter, more every-day-friendly version of your favorite comfort food.

Recipe: Low-Carb Zucchini "Ravioli"

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What are some of your favorite meatless pasta recipes to make at home? Feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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