26 People Who Have Already Made Some Grave Mistakes In The First Month Of 2022

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1. This person who made a business deal and got scammed:

2.This person who lost some hair on their wedding day:

  u/landofbizarre / Via reddit.com
u/landofbizarre / Via reddit.com

3.This person who was driving a semi that was carrying dirt, clipped the curb, and tipped it over:

A semi dipped over with dirt all around the street
u/remrunner96 / Via reddit.com

4. This person who didn't know that people can see who you are when you answer their Instagram story prompt:

5. This person who tried to mount a TV and caused a leak instead:

6. This person who greatly overestimated how big their car was while shopping for a mattress:

7. This person who got a tough stain in their stair carpet:

8. This person who extremely embarrassed themself:

9. This person who left soda cans in the wrong place at the wrong time:

10. This person who underestimated the weight of this boulder:

11.This person who tried to catch a knife as it was falling off a surface:

  u/supercharlie31 / Via reddit.com
u/supercharlie31 / Via reddit.com

12. This person who ruined their coworker's nice knives:

13.This person who didn't ask for the market price and found out this dish was $53 per shrimp:

  u/Bing_Pow_Boom_Bing / Via reddit.com
u/Bing_Pow_Boom_Bing / Via reddit.com

14. This person who accidentally stepped on an unstable part of the attic:

15. This person who tried to warm up some food in what turned out to be a roach-infested microwave:

16. This pizzeria employee who forgot to pack something important in the order:

17. This person who would've been better off making pancakes:

18. This person whose Uber rating probably went waaaay down:

19. This person who will definitely use a tray next time they make pizza:

20. This person who probably wished they hired a professional to mount their TV:

21. This person who made a mess at work:

22. This person who didn't get the vacuum wire out of the elevator in time:

23. This kid who learned the hard way one of the most basic rules of microwaves:

24. This person who got an intense sunburn:

25. This person who made a mix-up that ruined their desserts:

26. And this person who invested in a New Year celebration that didn't pay off:

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