27 police officers injured in Northern Ireland unrest

A total of 27 police officers have been injured in unrest in Northern Ireland as political leaders call for calm over the Easter weekend. The PSNI said 15 officers were injured in Belfast and 12 officers were hurt in Londonderry during riots in both cities on Friday evening. Eight people have been arrested. Derry City and Strabane Area Commander Chief Superintendent Darrin Jones said police received reports on Friday night of youths gathering in the areas of Nelson Drive and Tullyally in the city.

Video Transcript

- Disperse immediately. Force is going to be used against violent individuals. No further warnings will be given.

SIMON WALLS: Last night, police in Belfast, including community police officers, who service the local area, where the small demonstration in the Sandy Row area of Belfast. That demonstration degenerated into sustained violence against police officers, police officers who served this city and beyond. I think it's a real tragedy.

I think it's a tragedy that any child-- because let's bear in mind, a 13-year-old is a young child. I think it's a tragedy that any child in Northern Ireland is sitting in a custody suite this morning and facing criminal investigation, the possibility of charge, and the possibility of a criminal conviction. It's an absolute tragedy. It shouldn't happen, and that's why I'm very keen that people of influence try and ask anyone intent on violence in this city, please step back. This is not the way to resolve tensions and to make an argument.