27 Times Clueless Bosses Held Their Employees To Absolutely Absurd Standards

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1. Employees must be over the age of 58:

2. Employees must commit their lives to this job:

3. Employees must not make mistakes:

4. Employees must give their tips to their bosses:

5.Employees must have extensive experience for this entry-level job:

a long list of minimum requirements for a job
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6. Employees must come back to work after a work injury and def not get any workers' comp:

7.Employees must work for free:

someone asking about pay and a person replying that they only provide lunch, no pay
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8. Employees must be OK with getting all their personal stuff moved around:

9. Employees must be Christian:

10. Employees must do tons of tasks five minutes before leaving:

11. Employees must stay in constant contact, even on the weekend:

12. Employees must not ask about salary while applying, even if it's not posted:

13. Employees must sacrifice their well-being for this job:

14. Employees must apply without knowing salary range ahead of time:

15. Employees must put their aprons on on their own time, not while they're on the clock:

16. Employees must be willing to lie to their coworkers:

17. Employees must always be early, because being on time is actually being late:

18.Employees must know when to come in to work, even when there's no schedule provided:

  theron225 / Via reddit.com
theron225 / Via reddit.com

19. Employees must follow this rule, which is illegal to enforce:

20.Employees must be OK with being asked extremely personal questions:

a survey with political questions
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more of the survey asking political questions
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more of the survey asking political questions
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21.Employees must not have cellphones, even in cases of emergencies:

a sign saying no cellphones while on the clock
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22. Employees must not be a "snowflake":

23. Employees must have extensive knowledge of metaphors for this senior graphic design position:

24. Employees must NEVER sit:

25. Employees must be able to withstand extreme heat:

26. Employees must pay the company, not the other way around:

27.And finally, employees must not use the word "Hey":

a person saying the word "hey" is offensive to them
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