"Not A Single One Of Them Is Likable": People Are Sharing The TV Shows With The Most Insufferable Main Characters

There are lots of TV shows with many relatable, endearing, and complex characters whose stories really resonate with us.


However, there are also plenty of TV shows full of...well, terrible people. Sometimes it's obviously a deliberate choice on the writers' part (I'm not watching You because I think Joe and Love are good people!). Other times, characters who are presumably meant to be sympathetic actually just end up coming across as total assholes.

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Lucas Scott remains the inferior One Tree Hill brother.

The other week, Reddit user u/hungrytiredandbored asked, "What show has no likable characters?" Their question sparked some pretty interesting responses! Here are some of the top shows people brought up:

Minor spoilers ahead!!!

1.How to Get Away With Murder:

Annalise with students

"It's a slow burn on hating every single character. From the very start, there is maybe one likable character. As the series reaches its climax, every single character becomes an unlikable, mythomaniac sociopath."


ABC / Courtesy Everett Collection

2.The Watcher:

Pearl and Jasper in overalls standing in a doorway

"My biggest issue with The Watcher is that there was no one to root for. Every single character sucked."


Netflix / Everett Collection

3.Zoey 101:

Lola and Zoey sitting at a table with trays of food in front of them

"I used to watch this show a lot when I was a kid. Now, when I look back at it, I realize that most of the characters are very superficial, act judgmental toward people outside of their social circle, and are extremely selfish and inconsiderate most of the time. Zoey is also a very unlikable protagonist who always acts like a spoiled brat if she doesn't get her way. Jamie Lynn Spears doesn't make any effort to at least try to make Zoey seem sympathetic when dealing with a problem — her constant eye-rolling is also annoying."


Nickelodeon Network / Courtesy Everett Collection

4.The final season of Game of Thrones:

Men in warrior uniforms stand together

"There must have been a nationwide carbon monoxide leak or something, because everyone turned into a slobbering moron who pissed you off every scene they were in."


Helen Sloan / HBO

5.House of the Dragon:

Daemon and Rhaenyra dancing

"I tend to need people to root for in a show, and Game of Thrones had plenty of those characters at the start. I stopped watching House of the Dragon after Episode 4. It's a fantastically produced and acted show, but I just don't have any interest in watching a drama about only terrible people."




Maddie yelling at Cassie as Kat looks on

"I can’t connect with any of the characters. They are all so awful, to the point where I couldn’t even finish the first season of the show."



7.The White Lotus:

People sitting around a table looking up at a man standing next to it

"This show is pretty much an example of the opposite of the Save the Cat concept in writing for likable characters. As soon as a character seemed relatable, BOOM, they would be a dick to someone. Which was a big, massive chunk of the point."


Mario Perez / HBO

8.Gossip Girl:

Young people standing by a railing

"Every character is 'likable' at certain points, but in reality, they are all pretty terrible people."


CW Network / Courtesy Everett Collection

9.Schitt's Creek:

David and Alexis and Johnny and Moira walk arm in arm

"I love Schitt's Creek, but I wouldn't want to be trapped in an elevator with any one of the characters. They all are exhausting to be around."


CBC / Pop! / Everett Collection

10.It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

A woman and three men stand in a room together

"While the show is hilarious and easily quotable, none of the main characters would be likable in real life, and they all have no redeeming qualities. I don't recall ever sympathizing with any of the characters."


FXX / Courtesy Everett Collection

11.The Simpsons:

The Simpsons sitting in a movie theater

"This show has some of the most iconic and beloved characters in television history, but now they've all become parodies of themselves. Lisa alone went from being the most relatable character to the most insufferable, and not intentionally."


Fox / Everett Collection


Students performing onstage

"By the time I stopped watching, I could pinpoint the exact episode when I began to hate each individual character. I gave up on the show before I started to hate Santana and Brittany because I couldn't take it."


20thCentFox / Courtesy Everett Collection

13.Grey's Anatomy:

Interns in scrubs

"This show used to be so amazing, but the characters now are just whiny, annoying people. They're literally 20 of the same characters who have no personality."


Liliane Lathan / ABC via Getty Images

14.Friends From College:

People raising their glasses in a toast

"The characters are all so shitty and self-absorbed. Ironically, the only character with any redeeming qualities is Max's fiancé, Felix — turns out he's just a jerk to Max's friends because they are terrible people. I gave up on the show after one season, I think."


David Lee / Netflix



"I always feel like smacking some sense into all the characters."


16.Sons of Anarchy:

Three men in sunglasses and leather vests

"If a cruise missile had hit the clubhouse and killed every single member of the bike club, I would have stood up and clapped. I hated every character on that show."


FX Networks / Courtesy Everett Collection

17.The Mist:

Two people helping a man walk

"I watched the show's only season, and I was rooting for the Mist to kill everyone the whole time."


Spike / Everett Collection

18.How I Met Your Mother:

People sitting at a table in a bar

"When you watch How I Met Your Mother once a week, it's a show about normal people who have shenanigans and make some mistakes — Ted is a fairly likable everyman who goes through situations that many people can relate to. When you binge-watch How I Met Your Mother, it's a show about really terrible people, and Ted is a selfish asshole with unrealistic standards."


CBS / Courtesy Everett Collection

19.Everybody Loves Raymond:

Raymond and his family sitting on a couch at Christmastime

"The characters are just a group of severely toxic individuals with no boundaries. It boils my blood to watch the show."


CBS / Courtesy Everett Collection / Everett Collection

20.Rick and Morty:

Animated characters Morty, Rick, and Summer standing together

"I love the show and still have my favorites, but objectively speaking, all of the main characters are completely fucked up."


Adult Swim / Courtesy Everett Collection

21.Fear the Walking Dead:


"I was actually rooting for the zombies."


22.Married... With Children:

The Bundy family at an outdoor party

"The characters are all absolutely terrible people in their own ways. In my opinion, that's what made the show so popular in the '90s — everyone was like, 'They're fucked up, just like my family!'"


Fox / Everett Collection


Three men in jackets and cowboy hats stand outside

"I had to give up halfway through the first season because I couldn't stand any of the characters. Even the supposed 'good' son kept getting into random gunfights in each episode."


Paramount Network / Courtesy Everett Collection


Kendall Roy, Greg, and others stand together

"Not a single character is likable, but the show is still brilliant."


Macall Polay / HBO


Two animated characters play in a sandbox and smile at each other

"I have multiple friends who had to ban Caillou from their home because their kids started acting out and becoming monsters. Once the bad influence of the show was gone, the kids went back to normal."


PBS / Courtesy Everett Collection

26.The Office:

A group photo taken in the office

"I'll be crucified for this, but The Office. At least with shows like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the characters are intentionally unlikable."


NBC / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

27.And finally...Keeping Up With the Kardashians:

Kris Jenner, Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney stand at a microphone
Christopher Polk / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Note: Some entries have been edited for length and/or clarity.

Reminder that I, Kelly Martinez, do not necessarily endorse these opinions!!!

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