George Floyd's family to receive settlement

Minneapolis City Council will pay George Floyd's family $27m to settle a civil lawsuit over his killing in police custody.

Video Transcript

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SALLY LOCKWOOD: George Floyd's death sparked protests around the world. But 10 months on, the anger has turned to apprehension. Will change and justice come? As the criminal trial begins, the civil lawsuit concludes with a record payout from the city of Minneapolis to the Floyd family.

BENJAMIN CRUMP: The settlement is not just historic because of the $27 million paid out, but the impact on social justice, policy reforms, and police reforms.

SALLY LOCKWOOD: The next chapter in their fight for justice is here. Former officer Derek Chauvin is on trial for murder in the fortified courthouse. But there's a deep mistrust among some, not just for police, but for the system, already critical the jury selection is too white and concerned a payout isn't justice without a conviction.

MICHELLE GROSS: So it really is a significant settlement and a significant indictment of the way that police have treated African-American people in this country for a very long time. So you know, from that standpoint, it's significant. But beyond that, we really do have to have a conviction in the case of Derek Chauvin. We really need that. Because otherwise, the only people who will have had a consequence for this killing will be George Floyd himself and the taxpayers.

SALLY LOCKWOOD: How confident are you that you will get that conviction?

MICHELLE GROSS: Frankly, I'm concerned.

SALLY LOCKWOOD: Exactly a year on, the family of Breonna Taylor still don't feel they have justice. Shot dead in a flawed police raid of her home in Louisville, her family received a payout but no accountability for her killing. Their deaths may have been a reckoning for racial inequity, but for many, only a conviction will feel like change. Sally Lockwood, Sky News, New York.