$2m bail for teen accused in Wisconsin shootings

A Wisconsin court commissioner on Monday set bail for an Illinois 17-year-old accused of killing two people during a protest at $2 million, setting aside pleas from one victim's father to double that amount. (Nov. 2)

Video Transcript

LOREN KEATING: Court is going to impose a $2 million cash bond, believing that is reasonable and necessary and sufficient at this juncture to secure the appearance of Mr. Rittenhouse.

JOHN HUBER: Kyle Rittenhouse thinks he's above the law. He's been treated as such by law enforcement. And so he believes he's justified in this case, and for him to run, uh, wouldn't surprise me. In this defense of self-defense, that is impossible. And my son was a hero. He tried to stop him. And so did everybody else. He was an active shooter, and he tried to flee. And my son lost his life protecting other people.