2M Marylanders Fully Vaccinated From COVID-19

Vaccinations continued Saturday across Maryland, as the state lifted its outdoor mask mandate.

Video Transcript

KELSEY KUSHNER: As more and more Marylanders are vaccinated, restrictions are lifting.

MAX MCGEE: WJZ is live in Fells Point tonight, Rachel Menitoff explaining the new rules now in effect. Rachel?

RACHEL MENITOFF: Max and Kelsey, one of those new rules is that all restrictions related to outdoor dining have now been lifted here in Baltimore. Keep in mind, though, there are still limitations once you go inside bars and restaurants.

In the last 24 hours, Maryland has administered more than 100,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine. Now, more than 2 million people are fully vaccinated. On Saturday, one of those vaccine sites was held at Coppin State University.

- We all know the history that Coppin has played in our city, especially with this nursing program. So to have residents in Baltimore to come here to seek Coppin State nursing students, the Coppin State staff, the Divine Nine out here at Coppin, these are the folks who are helping them get the vaccine, which we know is the right thing to do. It makes it easier.

RACHEL MENITOFF: It partnered with the city's health department and the Divine Nine of the Baltimore metro area to vaccinate 1,000 people.

ANTHONY JENKINS: To make sure that as a university within the community and for the community, that we are here to meet the needs of our community.

RACHEL MENITOFF: Maryland is now reporting about 900 new coronavirus cases. But key metrics like the positivity rate and hospitalizations continue to decline. Also as of Saturday, May 1, all restrictions related to outdoor dining capacity and distancing are lifted.

One day after the CDC adjusted its mask guidelines, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan followed suit and lifted the mask mandate outdoors. Masks are still required inside at large ticketed events and on public transportation.

The governor, though, wants people who have not yet been vaccinated to make sure they get their shot as soon as possible and says consider keeping your mask on until you get your vaccine. Live in Fells Point, I'm Rachel Menitoff for WJZ.