3.7 earthquake rattles western Fresno County

A preliminary magnitude 3.7 earthquake rattled western Fresno County Wednesday afternoon, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Video Transcript

- A preliminary magnitude 3.7 earthquake rattled the Western part of Fresno County this afternoon. The USGS reported the temblor shook west of Mendota and 15 miles south of Dos Palos, right around 118 today. It wasn't immediately clear if there's any damage. But local officials tell us that they only felt a slight shaking. On Monday, several small earthquakes were also reported in the Los Angeles area.

- Chief meteorologist Kevin Musso joining us now with a closer look at the activity in the area on our earthquake.

KEVIN MUSSO: Yeah, a couple of details I can point out for you as we take you to the earthquake tracker here. The actual shaker-- or the epicenter, if you will-- is where you see that orange dot right there. That's just to the west of Interstate 5. Again, the magnitude, as you mentioned, was 3.75. And the depth was less than a mile deep.

It was recorded at 1:18 PM. And I want to back out of the map here a little bit and show you that in our area, closer to the Gilroy area and the western slope of our coastal mountains, just to the west of Fresno County, there was also one within the past 12 hours. And there have been a flurry up around the Bay Area, near Berkeley and up in the wine country area also within the past hour, none of them exceeding a 4.0, but definitely some shaking activity. And we're watching this with our exclusive Earth Tracker, Earthquake Tracker, along with your AccuWeather forecast, which looks very nice for the weekend. And I'll have more details coming up.