Suspect still at large after mass shooting in Kenosha

Three people were killed and two other were seriously injured form a shooting in Kenosha, officials said.

Video Transcript

JESSE KIRSCH: Stacey, we're told by village officials, or excuse me-- Kenosha officials, that this happened at the Somers House Tavern. It is down the road from where we are now. I'm going to step out of the way, you can see multiple police cars blocking off the roadway on both directions. This is as close as we can get to the scene right now. What we are told by officials here in Kenosha are that this shooting has left 3 people dead, two other people were taken to area hospitals with serious injuries. And at last word from officials from Kenosha County, the suspect is still at large. In fact, on our drive in here, we were getting notifications similar to what the sound you would hear on your phone when an AMBER Alert went out, or a weather alert went out. I got an alert on my phone alerting me to a dangerous person in the area. Here's what people who were on the scene saw firsthand

PETER PLOSKEE: Next thing I know, I hear a bunch of shots going off. Got up, ran out. Looked out the window to see people running from the barn in every direction. People screaming.

- At this point, officials telling us that this appears to be a quote "targeted and isolated incident." Again, at this point we know three people are dead, two more are injured, according to officials here in Kenosha. And we continue to wait for more information still developing. But again, at this time you can see traffic blocked off here, a large police presence. And we are quite a ways down the road from this Somers House Tavern where this is said to have happened. And again, police are still looking for the person responsible. Stacey, Mark, back to you.

- All right. A lot developing there at this hour, thank you very much Jesse. And of course we're going to follow that breaking news throughout the morning as well.

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