3 friends born in the same town, all named Dorothy, celebrate their 100th birthdays together

Catherine Garcia

Dorothy Buchanan, Dorothy Kern, and Dorothy Murray have done a lot of living over the last 100 years, and they're not afraid to share what they've learned.

Known collectively as "the three Dots," the women have more in common than just a first name. They were all born in Auburn, Maine, in 1919. In 1937, they all graduated from the same high school, and each one went on to have a successful career. The friends all still live in Auburn, and get together a few times a year. Their meet-ups were especially important in 2019, as they celebrated turning 100.

During a recent tea at Buchanan's house, the three Dots were interviewed by Maine Public Radio. They were asked to reflect on their lives, and give advice based on what they've seen and experienced. Kern, the youngest Dot, was a newspaper reporter and librarian, and she encouraged people to focus on saving the planet and tackling climate change. Buchanan, who worked as an accountant, would like everyone to "accept other people for what they are, because everybody's not alike. Everybody's not like me or like you."

Murray spent years as a secretary and helped her husband run his business, and she just wants all Americans to put aside political differences and "get along. Love one another." That's not her only bit of advice, though. "You know," she said, "everyone should have a dog."

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