3 injured in shooting during fight over baby

Police say a fight over a baby led to the shooting that injured two men and a 15-year-old boy in North Houston.

Video Transcript

- And Northeastern police say a fight over a baby led to two men and a 15-year-old teen being shot. HPD says about 10:00 PM, a man came to his ex-girlfriend's home with the baby. There was some kind of altercation over who was taking the child. Two men and that teen boy rushed to the woman's aid and got shot.

- There was an altercation over an exchange of the baby, who was going to take custody of the baby. So things got heated. The male that had the baby took out a pistol and he shot the three males at the house and left the scene, and the other three males drove themselves to the hospital.

- Come on, y'all. We have to do better. So much anger and violence. Well, the two men and teen are all expected to survive. The shooter is still on the run. No word on how the baby is doing this morning.