3 Killed, 2 Wounded In Kenosha Bar Shooting; Shooter At Large

Multiple people were shot and killed and at a shooting early Sunday morning at a bar popular with college students in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and the shooter is still at large.

Video Transcript

SUZANNE LE MIGNOT: So, we want to tell you about a breaking story that's been happening. Multiple people shot and killed in Kenosha, Wisconsin. We just wrapped up a news conference where the sheriff briefed reporters there about this shooting at a college bar. Meredith Barack is live at the scene right now and she attended that news conference and she's got the latest for us. Meredith.

MEREDITH BARACK: Suzanne we heard from Sheriff David Beth just moments ago, he's the Kenosha County Sheriff. He filled us in on what authorities know so far about this mass shooting that took place at the Somers House just before 1 o'clock this morning. He did confirm three people are dead. Two of those people found dead here at the scene, another person tried to transport themselves to the hospital. They died en route to the hospital in someone's car. There are also two other people hospitalized currently with serious injuries.

Now, the sheriff says this all stemmed after a person was removed from the bar. They believe that man then left went, and he got a gun or multiple guns, and returned to the bar and started shooting. He says the shooting did take place inside the bar and another exchange of gunfire happened outside the bar in the streets. So they have a very large crime scene they are working with right now.

As for that suspect, he is still not in custody. They are searching for that person still. They are working many avenues as to who this person is, how they are going to find them. They want the public to reach out if they have any information on who the suspect is.

Now, the Sheriff also said that this area is going to be closed for quite some time today as they continue to investigate. We heard from a neighbor that there were possibly dozens of people inside the bar. We've learned this is an extremely popular bar with students that go to Carthage College which is really just down the road here on Sheridan Road, so it was a lot of young people inside, it was a busy Saturday night at the bar.

And the sheriff, once again, says they are still searching for that suspect. They do believe this was a targeted and isolated incident, the sheriff reiterating he does not think the public is in harm in any way that the community is at risk, but he does want anyone with information to give them a call and let them know if they have anything that could lead to an arrest of the person responsible.

Reporting live in Kenosha, I'm Meredith Barack, CBS2 News.