3 More Freeway BB Gun Shootings Reported In Riverside, Orange Counties

Three more BB gun shootings have been reported Tuesday on Southern California freeways, adding to the feeling of anxiety among commuters.

Video Transcript

- A freeway BB gun shooter strikes again. This time six cars were hit, one day alone, today. The CHP says there are now more than 100 reported shootings across three counties. KCAL9's Kandiss Crone is live in Riverside with the hunt for the person behind the trigger. Kandiss.

KANDISS CRONE: Investigators say that three of the shootings that happened this afternoon here in Riverside, happened within a 20 minute period. They've stepped up patrols hoping to make an arrest soon.

- It's scary. It is. But what can you do. You can hide away inside all the time.

KANDISS CRONE: Drivers are rattled after learning of the latest BB gun shootings on local freeways. A CHP officer responded this afternoon to a driver who reported his window was shattered while driving along the 91 near the Tyler exit. Hours earlier this woman, who was too distraught to talk, reported she was driving near the La Sierra exit around 8:00 AM when her right rear window was shattered. CHP confirms there have now been more than 100 freeway shootings involving a pellet or BB gun across Orange, LA, and Riverside Counties in the past three weeks, and authorities aren't sure who's behind them.

RAMON DURAN: It's tough it the driver is in a moving vehicle, driving to a certain location every day and coming home. So as far as that goes, we're not sure if it's just one or if it's multiple.

KANDISS CRONE: Fortunately, no one has been hurt. CHP officers say if you find yourself a victim, call 911 immediately with as much information about your surroundings. Don't wait until you get home to report the crime.

RAMON DURAN: Our officers are out there in full force looking for this suspect, and we'll make a stop if we get enough information in time.

KANDISS CRONE: Drivers we spoke with say they plan to be extra vigilant on the roads until the suspect is caught.

JERRY MCGHEE: It makes me a little anxious. But that said, I'm going anywhere.

- If I can take the street, I'll take the street, or I just won't go for right know.

KANDISS CRONE: Now, two other shootings happened in Orange County this morning. Authorities say that what makes this case so tough is that they keep happening in different parts of the city and counties and different times a day. So of course, they are really relying on the public for help in catching the person behind these shootings. We're live in Riverside, Kandiss Crone, KCAL9 News. Back to you guys.

- Kandiss, thank you very much.