3 more Lahaina residents identified among 115 confirmed fatalities

Sep. 12—Three Lahaina residents have been identified as being among the 115 confirmed fatalities from the Aug. 8 wildfire.

The three victims identified today by the Maui Police Department after their families were notified are: Bibiana "Bhing" Lutrania, 58, Glenn Yoshino, 75, and Rafael Imperial, 63.

As of today, 60 of the 115 victims have been identified and their families have been notified. Eight more victims have been identified but their families have not been located or notified.

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Imperial's and Lutrania were both included in the FBI-MPD list Friday of 66 verified unaccounted for people from the Lahaina fire, but Yoshino's name was not.

In addition to the 66 names on the unaccounted for list, the FBI was working to gather more information of another 80 people who have been reported missing since the Aug. 8 fire.