3-year-old boy with cancer receives special delivery from superheroes

Rocco was diagnosed with stage-four high-risk neuroblastoma and is currently in remission.

Video Transcript

- A superhero surprise for a little boy on Staten Island. Captain America and Superman showed up at little Rocco's home today. And Rocco is a cancer survivor and spends his time helping raise money for other children with cancer. Eyewitness News reporter Crystal Cranmore has the story.

CRYSTAL CRANMORE: Spider-Man took a little break from taking down villains.

- Hi Spider-Man.

CRYSTAL CRANMORE: To uplift three-year-old Rocco DiMaggio, a superhero in his own right.

- All right.

- Show Spidey how you shoot your web?

CRYSTAL CRANMORE: A special delivery of groceries by Stop & Shop drivers in costume, a welcomed surprise for little Rocco at the family home on Staten Island Tuesday morning. He was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma, a form of cancer last year.

- It's been a very challenging year for us. When he was diagnosed last May, we've never been affected by cancer until I heard the words from my son.

CRYSTAL CRANMORE: Stop & Shop is running its annual Help Cure Childhood Cancer campaign. Rocco, the company's patient ambassador, has been receiving treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. While he is in remission, the fight continues to end the battle against childhood cancer once and for all.

- So far we've raised nearly $800,000. And we just wanted to treat Rocco to a fun day, as they ordered their groceries.

CRYSTAL CRANMORE: And fun it was, for a little boy who's shown so much strength this past year.

- Stop & Shop has been incredible. What they're doing for MSK is really-- it's unforgettable.

CRYSTAL CRANMORE: Stop & Shop has raised more than $25 million for the Cancer Center the last 20 years. The hope is to raise $1.75 million this year.

- Just seeing them smile, being a part of it, great day.

CRYSTAL CRANMORE: To keep more children like Rocco out of the hospital and making more memories with loved ones.