3-year-old girl dies in hospital after crash on Eastex Freeway

Police say the driver stopped to avoid hitting some debris blocking a lane. A man along with a 4-month-old baby were injured in the crash.

Video Transcript

- And an update now on a crash on the Eastex Freeway at Laura Koppe Road earlier today. In the past 20 minutes, we have learned a three-year-old girl has died, sadly, in that crash. SkyEye capturing the white SUV and the sedan damage. There are a couple of other vehicles as well that were damaged in this.

Police now say the driver of that SUV stopped to avoid a pallet of metal debris that was blocking traffic, actually tried to drive around it. The sedan hit her vehicle. A four-month-old baby girl was also in the SUV. She remains in critical condition at this time. The other driver is now in the hospital with a broken leg. No charges have been filed.