3 sets of triplets all graduating from Memorial HS on Friday

Congrats to the graduates, and a special shoutout to the three students who happen to be the children of ABC13 anchor Gina Gaston!

Video Transcript

T.J. PARKER: It's not every day you see a set of triplets getting ready to graduate high school, but at Memorial High School in Spring Branch, there are three.

LUKE BETHANCOURT: We've seen each other in classes before and it's kind of special.

- It was just unique coming here and having all these other kids that are multiples.

T.J. PARKER: Of the 664 students graduating, there are 18 pairs of twins and three sets of triplets, each ready for post-high school life.

NINA GARCIA: I think it's going to be very hard for us because we're always together.

- I'm looking forward to it. They're staying here in Houston, I'm going to Austin.

SETH GARCIA: We're all very different, but coming together today, it's pretty special, especially at this school.

T.J. PARKER: And three of them, you might know, are ABC13 anchor Gina Gaston's.

GASTON ELIE: Mom's-- I don't think she's really ready.

LAUREN ELIE: I think throughout this year with COVID, our relationship as triplets has changed so much, specifically because we're all leaving for college this year. So we're like, OK, this time is so good for us, especially with our parents, too.

GLENN ELIE: Everything I've experienced now, I've had them two to lean on, but now it's just me on my own.

T.J. PARKER: And as each join their class of 2021 at graduation tomorrow, each excited for what their future holds.

- I'm just really excited for a new start and a new chapter.

T.J. PARKER: TJ Parker, ABC13 Eyewitness News.

- I love it!

- It is a great story there.