3 Townhomes Damaged In Explosion In Eagleville

Dan Koob reports.

Video Transcript


PATRICK BAINE: I'm worried. I mean, I hope that at some point they can tell us one way or the other where the person is.

JESSICA KARTALIJA: Breaking news, a massive fire sparks an intense manhunt in Montgomery County, what triggered the violent series of events. This is Eyewitness News at 6:00, we are streaming live on CBSN Philly. Good evening, I'm Jessica Kartalija. Ukee is off today. Several explosions and a massive fire rips through several town homes. The breaking story is unfolding at Cardin Place in the Eagleville section of Lower Providence Township. Dan Koob is at the scene with the latest, Dan.

DAN KOOB: Jess, authorities are currently knocking down three homes damaged in the fire, while police look for the man they think started those fires inside the homes. We'll show you footage from Chopper3 HD from around noon this afternoon, as those flames ripped through the homes in stunning fashion in the Eagle townhouses in Lower Providence Township, Montgomery County. Police say a code enforcement officer responded to a residence on Cardin Place for a follow-up inspection for what we still don't know. Police then say the man pulled out a gun on the officer who was able to escape. And when police showed up that's when they said the man retreated back inside of his home. And a short time later, there were large explosions coming from the house, and then the fire began to erupt, eventually damaging those three buildings.

MIKE JACKSON: There were loud explosions, multiple loud explosions, and the residence caught on fire.

PATRICK BAINE: We've never had SWAT, companies, you know, multiple fire companies like that come, and helicopters overhead.

DAN KOOB: Police say there is one injury that is minor at this time that they know of. We had a chance to talk to many neighbors who say it is scary at this point not knowing if this man who allegedly started these fires is running around the neighborhood potentially evading police. Meanwhile, a stay-at-home order in the area has also been lifted. We're live in Lower Providence Township, Dan Koob, CBS3 Eyewitness News.

JESSICA KARTALIJA: All right, Dan, thank you.