3 Women Trying To Break Mold Of How Pittsburgh Media Sounds And Looks

Jordan DeFigio, Samantha James and Morgan Urtso are the voices behind the Yinzhers podcast. KDKA's Chris Hoffman has their story.

Video Transcript

- Three women are trying to break the mold about what Pittsburgh sports media looks like and sounds like too. They've started an all-female Steelers podcast, and listen to this. It's called "Yinzhers," and they want to inspire a new generation of sports fans with this. Chris Hoffman shares their story.

JORDAN DEFIGIO: It's going live. It's going live.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: From her home out near the airport--

JORDAN DEFIGIO: All right, we're good.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: --Jordan DeFigio talks about the men of steel.

JORDAN DEFIGIO: --structure. Stephon Tuitt--

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Born and raised in the Pittsburgh area, there was only one Sunday tradition in her home growing up.

JORDAN DEFIGIO: It was a Sunday tradition that I just latched onto from the moment I can remember remembering anything.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Now every week she is joined by Samantha James and Morgan Urtso as they forge a new way to talk about Steelers football.

SAMANTHA JAMES: We love the Steelers. Like, we could do this. It's easy. It comes naturally, I feel like, to us.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: The three women are hosts of a new podcast called "Yinzhers." Planning started around the holidays. All three women contribute to the Steelers Nation website, and the site's manager asked if they'd like to do a podcast.

JORDAN DEFIGIO: We were all immediately on board with it because that's just not something that you really see, particularly in Pittsburgh.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: It debuted in February. Their first guest, Sammy Toa Schuster, wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster's mother.

SAMMY TOA SCHUSTER: I am all about women empowerment, so I am in love with this.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: And even an appearance by the star wide receiver himself.

MORGAN URTSO: And I look up and he's there next to Sammy, and I was like, did I just-- am I hallucinating? Is this happening?

JORDAN DEFIGIO: What's up, JuJu? How are you?

CHRIS HOFFMAN: And with the hosts being in three different corners of the country, they're using technology that some of us may use every day like Zoom here to try to connect their viewers and followers with Steelers content.

MORGAN URTSO: We've made it work. We're-- you know, it's one of those things that we're really passionate about. So we're willing to stay up really late if we have to.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Samantha is in Arizona, and Morgan contributes from Texas. Each week is hours of prep keeping up with the latest Black and Gold news.

MORGAN URTSO: Did y'all see the screenshots I sent in the Steeler Nation chat?

CHRIS HOFFMAN: And they try to bring on women of the NFL as guests.

JORDAN DEFIGIO: So whether that's moms, hopefully eventually wives of players, and then writers as well.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: They walk the line of talking about the struggles of women in the sports industry and their passion, the Steelers.

JORDAN DEFIGIO: And we want our opinions to be valued in a way that both women and men can listen and see our side and enjoy listening to the podcast.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Moving forward, they hope it can continue to grow and inspire the next generation of women to pursue their dreams no matter where it lies.

MORGAN URTSO: Pittsburgh sports media is a huge, huge pond full of very opinionated and loud fish. And, you know, everyone can come hang.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Right now their podcast drops every Wednesday or Thursday. Chris Hoffman, KDKA News.