30-Year-Old Man Killed In Southeast Baltimore Cutting Monday Night, Police Say

Police are investigating after a man was killed in southeast Baltimore on Monday night.

Video Transcript

- A man stabbed to death in Highlandtown, and now neighbors tell WJZ a young girl witnessed the brutal attack.

- WJZ is live at City Police Headquarters tonight. Rachael Cardin has more details from detectives. Rachael?

RACHAEL CARDIN: Nicole, Rick, very limited information coming from Baltimore City Police in regard to a motive for this crime, but they have confirmed to us they think this stabbing may have stemmed from an argument.

It was just after 9:00 Monday night.

MIRANDA SCARLATA: A knifing across the street.

RACHAEL CARDIN: Baltimore City Police were called to South Conkling Street for a stabbing.

MIRANDA SCARLATA: And then a lot of police came and investigated.

RACHAEL CARDIN: 30-year-old Marcus Wilson was stabbed here, pronounced dead at the hospital. Police tell WJZ Wilson was involved in an argument. Neighbors have been talking about the crime all day because they saw a little girl witness the attack.

TODD MEKULSKI: Little girl was with their father. And there was a melee ensued. And a young man got stabbed three times.

RACHAEL CARDIN: For Ted Mekulski, the entire situation is disturbing.

TODD MEKULSKI: It's a terrible thing for anybody to witness, much less a young girl.

RACHAEL CARDIN: Having lived in the neighborhood for many years, he says crime has been an issue, and change isn't happening quickly enough.

TODD MEKULSKI: It worries me. It troubles me. There's always been problems here, on and off. And the neighborhood seems to be gentrifying the city around you. And when something like this happens it makes you think twice.

RACHAEL CARDIN: Detectives were out canvassing the area Tuesday afternoon hoping to identify the person responsible. And anyone with information about a suspect is urged to call homicide detectives here at Baltimore City Police, 410-396-2100. We're live outside of police headquarters. I'm Rachael Cardin for WJZ.