30 Seconds

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Many thanks to George Laurence of Museum Acrylics, the Whittinghams of Aqua Blue, Inc., and numerous others who donated their time, effort and money to the restoration of our beloved iconic "Welcome to our City" sign. It makes my heart proud and happy to see it back in its proper place.

I want to thank the Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital healthcare workers who are peacefully protesting the COVID-19 mandate. We need to support our healthcare workers and stand up for our freedom.

This is a time to be thankful for the things that we have. I'm very thankful for the care that I got at the Union Hospital rehab unit — the doctors, the RNs, the aides, the therapists, the cleaning crews and the cafeteria workers. They were all so pleasant and kind. No one could have done anymore to make my healing go easier. Thank you and God bless.

I read with interest where people are concerned about healthcare workers not being vaccinated. If you've been vaccinated, and even gotten a booster shot, why do you care?

This article originally appeared on The Times-Reporter: 30 Seconds column for Sunday Times-Reporter

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