300,000 Dead: Remembering Minnesotans We Lost To Coronavirus

Feroze Dhanoa

MINNESOTA — The United States recently surpassed yet another devastating milestone. To date, more than 300,000 Americans have lost their lives to the coronavirus.

It’s an impossible number. It’s also impossible to convey the full extent of the losses using only numbers.

Every death meant more than a statistic. A child lost his mother; a mother lost her child and maybe her own mother, too. A community lost a teacher, a mentor, a student, a coach. The front line lost a nurse, a doctor, an EMT, a hospital orderly.

We all lost some of our heroes.

Here at Patch, we know your friends, families and loved ones are more than numbers. As we mark 300,000 deaths at the hands of the coronavirus, we want to help you remember them. We want others to know them. We want to help you share their stories.

Do you have a story to share? Using the form below, we invite you to tell us about the loved ones you've lost — who they were, what they enjoyed, and what difference they made in your life. You can also submit a photo. All tributes will then be compiled in a searchable virtual memorial.

This article originally appeared on the Southwest Minneapolis Patch