300 local grocery store get perfect scores on price accuracy

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Not all people check their grocery store receipts to make sure they’re not overpaying, but they might be. A local county auditor says they’re working to hold stores accountable to make sure you get what you pay for.

Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith said his office conducts tens of thousands of price verification, or accuracy, tests over the course of the year. Stores are tested to make sure the price on the label matches what rings up at checkout.

More than 320 counties were tested in Montgomery County recently and 300 of them tested with perfect scores.

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“They’re just going a better job at all of it because people expect that, their customers expect that,” Keith told News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott.

The test vary by the size of the store. The larger the store, the more items get pulled at random.

“It could be 50 items, it could be 200,” Keith said.

Keith said the test is strict and that it only takes being off by two percent to not pass.

“It’s important that we do the job we do, Keith said.

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Former Dots employee Sarah Blake said she double checks the price at checkout so she does not get ripped off.

“Most people don’t pay attention when they go into the store,” Blake said.

She said she especially pays attention as inflation continues to cause prices to go up.

For those couple dozen stores that did not pass, they will have to figure out their prices and then be reevaluated.