Absolutely Losing My Mind At The Ways These 32 Restaurants Chose To Serve Their Food

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1. This design flop:

2. This crappy plating:

3. This chicken nugget nightmare:

4. This dessert massacre:

5. This handprint from hell:

6. This horrifying setup featuring ACTUAL WORMS:

7. This painful plating:

8. This croquette, served with a side of CREEPY:

9. This entire freakin' ecosystem:

10. This bread bag:

11. This scoop of potatoes:

12. This regal little rabbit:

13. This hot cup of dinner:

14. This risky arrangement:

15. This dessert disaster:

16. This cabbage bowl that wishes it had the charm of a bread bowl:

17. This teflon terror:

18. This tasty combination with terrible execution:

19. This dinner where you can play doctor:

20. This tiny table:

21. This dripping display:

22. This spaghetti-tini:

23. This wing delivery:

24. This meta meal:

25. This front page feast:

26. This dinner of despair:

27. This teeny tub:

28. This freaky sushi hand:

29. This fun little game of "don't accidentally eat a rock":

30. This confusing concept:

31. This shady dinner shoe:

32. And lastly, these large logs:

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