33 bizarre details you probably missed in popular movies

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mean girls dym 11
Rachel McAdams starred in "Mean Girls." Paramount Pictures
  • Plenty of well-loved movies are full of easy-to-miss details, references, and jokes.

  • There's a Disney reference in "Shrek 2," and a date on a flyer doesn't make sense in "Mean Girls."

  • Warning: Spoilers ahead for the movies mentioned.

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In "The Breakfast Club," Allison uses a makeup brush that John previously put in his mouth.

breakfast club dym 14
He used the brush to clean his teeth before it was used on Allison's eyebrow. Universal Pictures

In one scene of "The Breakfast Club," John uses an eyebrow brush from Claire's bag to clean his teeth.

Later on, when Claire gives Allison a makeover, she, unfortunately, uses that same brush on Allison's brows.

"Elf" has plenty of bizarre moments, but a quick phone call may be one of the weirdest.

elf 8 (5)
Someone asks Deb the secretary to declaw some kittens. Warner Bros.

Walter's secretary, Deb, is distracted by a bizarre phone call when Buddy first visits his dad's office in "Elf."

The caller asks if she can declaw eight kittens, and it's never explained why a secretary at a publishing house would have to do that.

A legal technicality thwarts Hades in "Hercules."

22 contract hercules
Though kids probably don't understand the term boilerplate, it becomes important. Disney

At the end of "Hercules," the titular demigod strikes a deal with Hades. He agrees to give up his powers for a day as long as it means Meg is safe.

While they're discussing the terms of the agreement, Hades describes it as "boilerplate," which is a standard legal contract form.

Boilerplate provisions require that rules be made about how the contract is interpreted, and in this case, that should've included a definition of what Meg's safety entailed — being completely unharmed or simply remaining alive.

Since Hercules regains his power after Meg is injured, it would've benefited Hades to have been more careful with the exact wording of the deal.

After accidentally blowing up a bird in "Shrek," Fiona fries up its eggs for breakfast.

dym in shrek
Cameron Diaz voiced Princess Fiona in "Shrek." DreamWorks

The morning after Shrek and Donkey rescue her, Princess Fiona gets into a singing competition with a bird she meets in the forest. But the bird explodes trying to match the princess' high pitch.

The scene seems to be a dark parody of when Disney princesses sing with animals.

The moment gets even more morbid when the shot of the bird's nest fades into one of its eggs frying on a rock as Fiona prepares breakfast for Shrek and Donkey.

Shrek accidentally makes out with a psuedo-Ariel in "Shrek 2."

shrek 2 6
There are a few Disney references in the "Shrek" franchise. DreamWorks

"Shrek 2" opens with a montage of Shrek and Fiona's honeymoon.

While they're on the beach, a wave comes in, and Shrek goes from embracing Fiona to kissing a mermaid who washed in from the ocean.

The mermaid has bright-red hair, a purple bra, and a greenish-blue tail that are very similar to Princess Ariel's look in Disney's "The Little Mermaid."

A student in "High School Musical" exits the same classroom twice in one scene.

The shot of him leaving repeats in the background while Troy and Gabriella are talking. Disney Channel

After homeroom on the first day back from winter break, Gabriella and Troy talk in the hallway outside of the classroom.

When Troy first leaves the room, his basketball teammate Jason walks out behind him and pats him on the back.

A few seconds later, while Gabriella and Troy are talking, Jason can be seen exiting the same classroom for a second time.

The whole thing probably would've been less noticeable if Jason hadn't drawn attention to himself by interacting with the main character during his first exit.

Ryan and Chad switch clothes after the baseball game in "High School Musical 2."

dym in hsm 2
Corbin Bleu and Lucas Grabeel in "High School Musical 2." Disney

Throughout "I Don't Dance" in "High School Musical 2," Chad's wearing his baseball uniform, and Ryan's wearing an all-white outfit with a blue-and-white cap.

But when Ryan and Chad sit and eat together after the game, they've switched outfits.

Aside from Taylor commenting on Chad's new hat, no other characters acknowledge this clothing switch.

It's unclear why they did it, but this beloved detail has been used to support the fan-speculated relationship between Ryan and Chad.

In "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen," Lola passes a rather alarming sign on the drive into New Jersey.

dym in confessions of a teenage dramaqueen
The sign's message matches Lola's feelings about her family's move. Disney

"Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" follows Lola as she's forced to move with her family from Manhattan to New Jersey.

Lola's narrations throughout the film include imagined and exaggerated moments.

For example, while her mom drives them into New Jersey, Lola stares out the window and passes a construction sign that reads, "Abandon All Hope."

There's a seemingly pointless training activity in "The Hunger Games."

dym in hunger games
The matching game doesn't seem to have a real benefit. Lionsgate

Before entering the Hunger Games, Katniss and the other tributes are given time to train.

They climb, shoot, and perform other physical challenges in addition to studying useful survival skills.

During the training montage, one of the District 5 tributes, Foxface, is shown matching symbols on a large screen.

But she doesn't seem to be learning about the objects she's clicking on since there aren't any words on the screen, so the matching game doesn't seem to provide any real survival skill.

Wendy passes an interesting scene while running through the Overlook Hotel in "The Shining."

dym in the shining
The scene has inspired many fan theories. Warner Bros.

"The Shining" has plenty of jarring moments, including sudden visions of blood and the infamous sounds of Danny's tricycle riding over the wooden floors and carpet.

But the movie never offers an explanation for one widely discussed scene.

When Wendy is running from Jack, she comes upstairs and looks into an open room where she sees a man in a dog costume who seems to be performing fellatio on a man in a suit.

Although the moment goes unexplained in the film, the characters have larger roles in the Stephen King book it was based on.

There are an absurd number of towels in the McCallisters' bathroom in "Home Alone."

home alone thumb 2
Macaulay Culkin starred in "Home Alone." 20th Century Fox

After his family accidentally leaves him at home by himself, Kevin runs around the house doing things he could never do when everyone else was there.

When he takes his time showering and styling his hair in the bathroom, there are at least 20 visible light- and dark-green towels scattered around the room.

There are both used towels hanging to dry along the wall and a number of clean towels stacked on the shelves.

Kevin has lots of siblings and cousins who were all just there and probably used the towels. But given the size of the McCallisters' house, it probably isn't the only bathroom, making the number of towels even more absurd.

"Bring It On" shows footage from the same scene twice.

19  montage footage we already saw bring it on
The cheerleading movie recycled some of its stunt scenes. Universal Pictures

After Torrance decides to create a new routine in "Bring It On," there's a training montage of the squad practicing their choreography and stunts.

During this montage, however, the cheer team is shown practicing the stunt that injured Carter at their first practice.

Since every character is wearing the same clothes as they were in that earlier scene, it seems like the film just recycled that footage into the cheer sequence.

The date of the iconic "Mean Girls" talent show doesn't make much sense.

mean girls dym 11
Rachel McAdams in "Mean Girls." Paramount Pictures

The iconic talent show in "Mean Girls" — where the Plastics perform "Jingle Bell Rock" and Kevin G raps — is clearly holiday-themed.

But earlier in the movie, there's a flyer in the girls' bathroom that says the event takes place on November 27, 2003.

That's a little early for a winter-holiday-themed event, but it's even stranger because November 27 was the date of Thanksgiving that year, so it's unlikely there'd be a school event that day.

Two scenes with Veronica's parents in "Heathers" are almost identical.

dym in heathers
The shots are set up almost exactly the same. New World Pictures

"Heathers" has plenty of moments that show how clueless the adults in Veronica's life are, but two of them with her parents are almost identical.

Before Heather and Veronica go to the party at the beginning of the movie, Veronica eats in her backyard with her parents.

Her dad asks what school was like after spring vacation and why he enjoys spy novels.

Veronica replies, "Because you're an idiot" and her mother shakes her head, smiles, and says, "You two."

When Veronica eats with her parents before Heather's funeral, her dad instead asks what school was like after Heather's suicide and why he enjoys smoking.

Veronica and her mother have the exact same replies as the first scene.

Both scenes also end with Veronica delivering almost identical lines. She says, "Great pâté, but I gotta motor if I wanna make that party tonight" in the first scene, and "Great pâté, but I gotta motor if I wanna be ready for that funeral" in the second one.

Jasmine from "Aladdin" is the only Disney princess who kisses a villain.

jafar kissing jasmine in aladdin
Jasmine kisses Jafar. Disney

Jasmine kisses Jafar to distract the villain while Aladdin tries to steal Genie's lamp back at the end of the film.

That was actually the first and only time a Disney princess has kissed her film's villain.

Though Anna and Hans almost kiss in "Frozen," Hans pulls away before it happens.

The scarers in "Monsters Inc." keep files on children's worst fears.

monsters inc 20
Boo's file says she's scared of snakes. Disney/Pixar

The monsters keep scare reports on the children they collect screams from in "Monsters Inc."

The reports show basic stats about the children, such as name and age, along with information on what scares them, when they've last been scared, and what they've previously reacted to.

For example, Boo's file says she's afraid of snakes, which explains why she's so scared of Randall.

The idea of keeping files on children's worst fears is pretty twisted, but there's an impressive amount of detail in each file from an animation standpoint.

Real moths fly out of an actor's mouth in a "Hocus Pocus" scene.

hocus pocus 22
The actor had to hold the moths in his mouth. Disney

When the Sanderson sisters raise Billy from the dead in "Hocus Pocus," his mouth is sewn shut.

Later in the film, the zombie ends up breaking the stitches on his lips so he can speak, and when he does, moths fly out of his mouth.

According to a 2018 interview with the film's special-effects makeup artist, they were real moths that were kept in a pocket in actor Doug Jones' mouth in between takes.

Emmett carried around a full bag of hard-boiled eggs in "Twilight" even though vampires don't eat.

twilight emmett eggs table detail
Emmett Cullen had a bag of eggs in a "Twilight" scene. Summit Entertainment

When the Cullens enter the school cafeteria for the first time, Emmett is carrying a plastic bag full of hard-boiled eggs.

The vampires don't eat food, so he never does anything with the eggs, and most fans didn't even notice them until a TikTok pointed it out.

"Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke told Insider's Olivia Singh in May that she saw actor Kellan Lutz with the eggs on set and thought it would be a funny detail to include in the film.

An Army interrogation handbook appears in "Toy Story."

toy story 25
The book is unsurprisingly in Sid's room. Disney/Pixar

In "Toy Story," Sid blows up toys, performs surgery on them, and even tortures Woody.

When Woody is trapped under a crate in Sid's room, there's a book behind him titled "Improvised Interrogation Handbook" from the "Department of the Army Technical Manual."

The book explains how Sid honed his craft, but the background prop also seems to imply that the army utilizes cruel interrogation tactics, which is a bit heavy for a kid's movie.

Remy sees a woman pointing a gun at her boyfriend in "Ratatouille."

ratatouille 6
There's an alarming scene carrying out in the background. Disney/Pixar

When Remy runs through a building at the beginning of "Ratatouille," he sees glimpses of rooms through vents and floorboards.

At one point, he races by a couple having a heated argument during which a woman is pointing a gun at a man moments before they start kissing.

Remy hears the gun go off, but neither person seems to have been injured.

The couple then appears to further make up over the course of the movie.

When Skinner is chasing Remy at the end, they run past what appears to be the same pair on a date at an outdoor restaurant.

In "The Devil Wears Prada," Andy interviews for a new job at a newspaper that hasn't been published since the 1960s.

red arrow pointing to the new york mirror sign as andy walks out of the office devil wears prada
The New York Mirror isn't a newspaper anymore. 20th Century Fox

At the end of "The Devil Wears Prada," Andy walks out of an interview at The New York Mirror.

But according to the Library of Congress, the newspaper hasn't been published in real life since 1963.

Lara Jean makes a texting mistake in "To All the Boys 3" that doesn't seem possible.

TATB 3 text
Messages don't pop up like that on an iPhone. Netflix

After learning that she didn't get into Stanford in the third installation of Netflix's "To All the Boys" series, Lara Jean gets a text from Peter asking about her application status.

As she's responding to him, a message from Margot pops up in the middle of her screen.

Because of this, Lara Jean accidentally sends a message to Peter that she thought she was sending to her sister.

But when new messages come in on an iPhone, they appear at the top of the screen rather than as pop-ups in the middle of a different text conversation. So this text mishap wouldn't exactly happen that way in real life.

There seems to be a generation of adults whose faces are never shown in "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

nightmare before 20
The TV anchor is cut off from the neck up. Disney

When Jack delivers presents to Christmas Town in "The Nightmare Before Christmas," some adults' faces are blocked in creative ways.

For example, one mother's head is cut off by window shades, and a radio announcer's face is completely out of frame.

But grandparents' and children's faces are shown, so there appears to only be a certain generation of adults who get blocked.

The cat in "Gone Girl" is eerily still whenever he's on the screen.

arrow pointing at cat in gone girl scene
The cat never moves. 20th Century Fox

Bleeker, Nick and Amy's cat in "Gone Girl," appears throughout the movie.

But the pet doesn't do much and is rarely spoken about after the first 10 minutes. In fact, Bleeker never even moves during his scenes.

Per Refinery29, director David Fincher loved the cat who played Bleeker, Cheeto, because of his stationary habits.

"... The beauty of Cheeto was wherever you placed Cheeto, that's where he was going to stay for that day," he said. "So continuity with Cheeto was never an issue."

In "Clueless," Cher's dad is frequently shown working at his desk, which seems to be facing the wrong way.

clueless desk in office
The drawers are on the outside. Paramount Pictures

Throughout "Clueless," Cher converses with her father a few times while he's working on legal cases in his office.

During those talks, he sits behind a desk that faces out toward Cher rather than toward him.

All of the drawers make this placement obvious, and there's even a visible cutout for a chair on the opposite side from where his chair actually is.

There are two people fencing in full gear in "Booksmart."

arrow pointing to people fencing in the background of a booksmart scene
There are lots of bizarre things that happen in the scene. Annapurna Pictures

Gigi's entrance in "Booksmart" where Jared drives her around in his flame-detailed car is ridiculous and iconic.

Although most viewers are paying attention to Gigi's chaos, there are two students who appear to be having a full-on fencing match in the background of the scene.

The students are in full gear, and everyone around them seems to be oblivious to their presence.

In "Midsommar," Dani and her friends apparently make plans via email instead of texting.

arrow pointing to email on computer in a midsommar scene
It probably would've been more effective to communicate the plans over text. A24

When Dani's sister sends her suicide note via email in "Midsommar," viewers can catch a glimpse of the other messages in Dani's inbox.

In one of the emails with the subject "re: what do you think ...," the preview of the message says "sure, might get there late."

This seems to imply that in 2019, Dani is still emailing her friends to make plans instead of texting them, which would make it a lot quicker and easier.

During the pep rally in "Grease," the students go to malicious lengths to taunt the rival team.

rydell high students at the bonfire holding picket signs and standing in front of fire
The pep rally wasn't particularly peppy. Paramount Pictures

Students at the bonfire pep rally in "Grease" are weirdly aggressive in their support for Rydell High.

Most school-spirit scenes in movies focus on cheering on the team, but this one features more signs showing hatred toward the rival than support for the Rydell High Rangers.

Students carry signs that read "RIP" and "Death to the Gladiators," and they're even burning a doll that's meant to represent the other team's players.

Only part of a newspaper shown in "Lilo and Stitch" is actually written out.

arrow pointing at newspaper in lilo and stitch scene
Most of the article is just strings of letters instead of words. Disney

At the beginning of the Disney movie when Jumba is in prison, he reads a newspaper article about himself.

The title of the newspaper and the headline of the article are both legibly written in English, but the content of the article is just random strings of letters.

The guidance counselor in "10 Things I Hate About You" seems to have an erotic novel cover on the wall in her office.

arrow pointing at poster on wall in 10 things i hate about you
The poster doesn't seem super appropriate for a high-school office. Touchstone Pictures

When Cameron speaks with the guidance counselor at the beginning of "10 Things I Hate About You," she immediately curses and flips off students, which surprises the new kid.

As he leaves her office, there's a visible poster on her wall that appears to be a cover of a romance novel.

Although the poster doesn't really seem appropriate for a high-school guidance counselor's office, it does fit the character seeing as she's penning an erotic novel throughout the movie.

An accidental collision during a lunchroom scene in "The Cheetah Girls" was poorly executed.

lunch scene in cheetah girls where derek gets hit by a lunch tray full of food
The person obviously swung the tray toward his head. Disney Channel

During a cafeteria scene in "The Cheetah Girls," Derek is hit in the back of the head with a lunch tray.

The moment is supposed to be an accident. But before the collision, viewers can clearly see the person who hits him pick up the tray, swing it toward his head, and pretend to stumble.

The door at the shop the titular bear eats at in "Paddington" is covered with stickers and signs.

arrow pointing at a door in a paddington scene
The signs announce the shop's rules and regulations. TF1

The Brown family takes Paddington to get food after finding him in the train station during the first "Paddington" film.

The wall the Browns stand in front of at the restaurant has plenty of framed pictures of trains, which makes sense since they're on the platform, but there are also a comical number of signs on the shop's front door.

There's a standard one that says "open," and others stating the shop's accessibility and the fact that it doesn't accept euros.

But there's also a sign that says no dogs are allowed inside, so it's odd that the employees let a bear in without question.

During one of Freddy Krueger's kills in "A Nightmare on Elm Street," the blood splatters unnaturally.

arrow pointing at blood splatter in nightmare on elm street scene
The special effect didn't go exactly to plan. New Line Cinema

One of the most memorable kills in the "Nightmare On Elm Street" series happens in the first film.

When a boy is pulled into his bed and killed, a giant geyser of blood erupts, spraying up toward the ceiling.

But not all of the blood sprays follow the same trajectory. After the initial geyser, some of the splatters are clearly tilting toward the top left portion of the screen.

According to Film School Rejects, cinematographer Jacques Haitkin said that the rouge blood splatters actually happened because they filmed the scene in one take in a rotating room.

After the liquid was poured through the opening in the bed, it hit the light fixture and became electrified, which caused it to slosh back and forth.

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