33-Year-Old Bat Named Statler Enjoys Cuddles and Fruit Salad

A lovable 33-year-old bat went viral after a sanctuary in north Texas shared clips of the sweet old mammal in the arms of bat sanctuary caregivers.

Statler, an Indian flying fox, has only one eye, suffers from arthritis, and cannot fly, but caretakers at the Bat World Sanctuary in Texas take him on simulated flights through their Weatherford facility, feed him a wide array of his favorite fruits, and give him cuddles in the warm sunshine.

Executive director of Bat World Sanctuary Addison McCool told the Huffington Post Statler lives with two other bats named Chessie and Starlie in the “geribatric” ward.

According to Bat Conservation International, the oldest known bat lived to 41 years old. Credit: Bat World Sanctuary via Storyful