42 Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun

42 Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun
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If you love a baby shower but not the baby shower games, you’re not alone. Even the happiest of guests might cringe when the game prompts come out.

While brainstorming shower games, keep in mind the length of the party, and be sure to leave time for eating and presents.

Choosing the right baby shower games and choosing when to fold those games is all about knowing your guests, said Jeannette Tavares, Creative Director at Evoke Design & Creative.

“Knowing your group will help you decide which games to pick, but don’t over-program the event,” she said. “When the host realizes the game isn’t sticking, the best way to get out of it is to make a joke and call it quits. Just like parenthood, go with the flow.”

With that in mind, it’s time to scrap the old games we’ve all played too many times — measure the pregnant woman’s belly, we’re looking at you — and try out a few new baby shower games.

42 baby shower games

These 42 baby shower games and activities will have the parent-to-be and the guests excited for game time.

Diaper Relay

Divide guests into teams with an even amount of participants on each team. Assign each team a baby doll. Each team member will go down the line wiping, diapering and clothing the baby doll before the next team member starts. The first team to have each member finish, wins!

Dad Jokes

A classic dad joke is always good for a giggle or an eye roll. Plus, it makes a great baby shower game. Start by listing a few dad jokes and have everyone try to guess the corny punchlines.

Emoji Nursery Rhyme

Replace the titles of popular nursery rhymes with emojis and see if guests can crack the code. For a few bonus points, turn popular children’s books into emojis.

Name That Tune

Create the ultimate baby shower playlist with songs that contain the word “baby.” As the music plays in the background, have guests jot down the titles. At the end of the party, the person who has the most titles is the winner. From Baby Love to Hit Me Baby One More Time, you’ll have plenty of tunes to choose from.

Are You My Mother?

From cats and kittens, cows and calves, to platypuses and puggles, create a list of animals and their baby’s names for a fun and sweet matching game.

Pacifier Hunt

Before the party starts, hide a few pacifiers throughout the party venue. Tell guests to be on the lookout because if they find a hidden pacifier, they’ll win a prize.

Blindfolded Diaper Change

Divide guests into teams and hand over a baby doll, diapers, and a blindfold. In a relay style, have the teams diaper the doll while blindfolded.

Late Night Diaper Notes

Late night diaper blowouts are inevitable, but you can help the new parents laugh it off by having party guests write funny notes on the outside of diapers with permanent markers. “Houston, we have a problem” or “To pee or not to pee” are a few of our favorites.

Baby Sock Sort

Fill a small basket with different colored baby socks. Time guests as they race to match the tiny socks.

Diaper Stacker

This one works just like Jenga but with diapers. Set up a stack of diapers and see how many diapers guests can pull from the stack before it falls.

Build a Library

Ask everyone to bring a copy of their favorite children’s book. During the shower, give each guest a note card to write why they love that book or a special memory they have of reading that book to their own children. Tape the messages inside the books for a sweet keepsake for the baby.

Bow Building

Let guests get crafty at a hair bow or bow tie building station. Line up different sized elastic headbands, bows, or fake flowers and have guests use fabric glue to make adorable accessories for the baby.

What’s On Your Phone?

Give the old party game What’s in Your Bag? a fun upgrade with cell phones. From apps, photos, alarms, and even battery power, give each item a point value to find a winner.

Mom Brain

Place an assortment of baby items on a tray and have the mom-to-be carry it to each table at the party. Guests have 30 seconds to jot down everything they see. Next remove or swap out the items and see if eagle eyed guests notice.

Baby Bucket List

Give everyone a notecard and have them write down a bucket list item for the new parents to do during the first year of their baby’s life. Places to go, things to do, and experiences to take advantage of during that precious first year.

Guess Who

Share a few funny stories about the parents-to-be and let guests vote on who they think the story is about. Guests get two signs, one for each parent, and will use the signs when they vote.

Baby Face

Before the party, collect baby photos of family members and put them on display. Ask guests to figure out who each adorable baby is in the photos.

Old Wives Tales: Boy or Girl

Create a list of Old Wives Tales that predict gender and have everyone guess if it’s for a boy or a girl.

Ice Ice Baby

Fill ice trays with water and little plastic babies. You can find these at craft stores. Place the ice cubes in drinks and tell guests the first one whose ice melts and sets their baby free is the winner.

Baby Bingo

The only thing you need are markers and bingo cards. Put a twist on this classic by offering enviable prizes like gift cards or free babysitting.

Ready To Pop Relay

A relay race dedicated to balloon popping! Divide guests evenly into teams. Give each player a balloon. At the buzzer, the first player on each team with blow up their balloon, stick it under their shirt and get it to pop. Once popped, the next player starts. The first team to finish wins.

Babies Around the World

How many different ways can you say baby? Create a matching game of different ways to say baby in other languages. From bébé to bambino and dijete, guests will learn some new lingo.

Dough Baby

This one is great for parties with lots of kids. Leave out containers of Play-Doh so guests can make a cute dough baby and the mom-to-be picks the winner.

What’s It Called?

If a lot of the guests don’t have kids or it’s been a while since they’ve purchased baby items, this is a fun game. Rattle off a list of baby product names and see if they can guess which ones are real and which are fake. From Butt Paste to a Snot Sucker, you’ll have plenty to work with for this game.

Pin The Paci

Reminiscent of the class "Pin The Tail On The Donkey" game, blindfold guests and have them pin a pacifier on a poster of a baby. The closest to baby's mouth wins a prize.

Celebrity Baby

Perfect for the mom-to-be that loves her celebrity new. Round up pictures of celebs and their babies and see if guests can match the pairs.

The Price Is Right

Everyone loves a good guessing game and for this one just print out pictures of baby products and have partygoers guess the price of each item.

Inspirational Diapers

Grab a pack of newborn diapers and have guests write funny quotes, sweet notes or inspirational messages to the parents-to-be for those middle-of-the-night changes.

What’s In My Diaper Bag?

Place one baby item — a pacifier, a rattle, or diaper cream — inside a paper bag. Blindfold guests and have them put their hands inside the bag and try to figure out what’s inside. No peeking allowed!

Mother Knows Best

Ask the mom-to-be’s partner to answer a list of questions, and at the shower, see if she can guess their answers. From “how many kids do you want?” to “how many diapers will the baby go through in a day?” you’ll see if their answers match up.

Diaper Raffle

Have guests bring a box of diapers to the shower. When they arrive, they’ll get to add their name to a raffle. The lucky parents get plenty of diapers and a few lucky guests get prizes.

Baby Shark

Everyone gets a cup full of gummy sharks and gets into two lines. When the timer starts, have guests toss the sharks into each other’s cups. The person with the most sharks at the end of the game is the winner.

Onesie and Bib-Making Station

Let guests get crafty by using fabric markers or paint to decorate onesies and bibs for the baby.

Lullaby Charades

Give regular charades a baby shower twist by having guests act out different lullabies.

Don’t Say Baby

Give each guest five clothespins at the start of the party. Each time they’re caught saying the word “baby” another guest can take one of their clothespins. Whoever has the most clothespins at the end of the party wins.

Baby Face Mix and Match

Start by enlarging pictures of both parents’ faces and gluing them to a poster board. Next cut the pictures into strips–one strip for their chin, lips, nose, eyes, and hair. Then like a puzzle, let guests mix and match the strips to create a mock up version of what the baby might like.

Baby Trivia

Create a baby trivia game with facts and stats about babies, labor and delivery, and raising babies around the world. This fun game will leave everyone feeling a little smarter and ready for a trivia night.

Baby Pool

Have each person make a prediction for the exact date, time, and weight when the baby is born. However, you’ll have to wait to see who wins this game.

Guess How Many

Fill an extra large baby bottle with candy, counting as you add each piece. Have guests drop their best guess into a bucket, and at the end of the party, give a prize to whoever comes the closest.

TV Babies

Create a quiz to test guests’ TV family knowledge and match kids with their TV family.

Baby Jeopardy

All About Baby for $100! Just like the traditional quiz game, create categories and questions for attendees to test their knowledge.

Oh Baby, Baby

Give every guest a sheet of paper and ask them to write down as many songs as they can think of that mention the word "baby." Set a timer and whoever has the most on their list at the end wins.

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